The Ultimate Guide on How to Remove Eye Bags

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Remove Eye Bags
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Almost every person can relate to this experience: You wake up from your alarm clock ringing, feeling a little bit groggy from last night’s party. You stand up, rub your eyes and take in the light from the morning sun. You go to the bathroom then stare at yourself at the mirror, hoping you can get yourself ready for the business meeting later. To your horror, you notice something wrong. You have eye bags!

Eye bags are the stuff of nightmares, especially to a working professional here in Singapore. They not only make you look 10 years older but can also lower your self-confidence and hurt your productivity. Nobody wants to go to a social gathering or a public event with eye bags under your eyes. They are not pretty to look at and will ruin any photos of you.

There are a couple of ways to deal with eye bags though. These include changing to a less salty diet and adding exercise to your daily routine. For photos, you can even edit out your eye bags using Photoshop and hope no one notices something weird. Some people swear to the effectiveness of these methods, but none really give you a solution that lasts.

For a long time, several beauty products have been introduced to the market that can hide them and even claim to remove your eye bags. These include eye creams, moisturizers and concealers. It’s unfortunate, however, that a lot of these so-called “solutions” are really just temporary fixes and can only last you the day. Wouldn’t you want a more long-lasting, even perhaps a permanent solution that can remove your eye bags?

Then you can thank yourself for existing in this age of technology because several solutions are now available thanks to science and medicine! It all depends on how much you want to spend and how long you want to have the effect last. You can even opt for non-surgical procedures if you’re not comfortable with going under the knife.

Here are the different treatments you can choose from to remove your eye bags:

1. Scarless Eye Bag Removal Surgery

before and after procedures

If you have no qualms with going under the knife, then scarless eye bag removal surgery is your best bet. This requires a deal of preparation though and a visit to your doctor is needed before you can undergo the procedure. And as always with regards to surgical procedures, there will be some downtime before you can resume your normal activities.

Remember to choose a clinic or doctor that you can trust, and get a full consultation from them before you decide to go through with it. It’s possible that your situation wouldn’t really need surgery and they may advise you to choose a non-surgical treatment instead.

If you do get the go signal from your doctors, there are a couple of things you need to avoid at least 6 days before the procedure, namely:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Painkillers
  • Vitamin E products

Also, during the day of the surgery if you feel sick or experience red eyes or irritation, notify your doctor or clinic to determine if you can still go through with the procedure that day.

For the procedure itself, the doctor makes a small incision on the lower eyelid area, after which the fat tissues are removed. The procedure can take from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the clinic or doctor. The great thing about this procedure is that it leaves no scars as indicated by its name.

After the surgery, the full recovery period takes about 1 to 3 weeks, however, it is possible to resume normal activities a week after the procedure. The advantage of this procedure is that the results last a lot longer and are more noticeable compared to non-surgical treatments.

Scarless eye bag removal surgery will cost you about $2000 to $4000 depending on the clinic and the reputation of the cosmetic surgeon.

2. Radio Frequency Eye Bag Removal

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If you prefer a procedure that doesn’t involve going under the knife, then radio frequency (RF) eye bag removal may be the one for you! This eye bag removal procedure originated from Korea and is now one of the non-surgical procedures available here in Singapore. It helps reduce the appearance of eye bags without having to resort to surgical methods.

A topical anaesthetic is applied to the lower eyelids to minimize the discomfort from the insertion of a micro-needle. The procedure is done via the insertion of a special, patented micro-needle that targets the excess fat deposits on your eye bags. It emits a radio frequency with extreme precision that it selects the subcutaneous fat under the skin and injects poly-L-lactic acid which stimulates collagen formation. This tightens the skin on the eye bag area and reduces the puffiness under the eyes. The whole procedure should take about 35 to 50 minutes.

There is minimal pain and discomfort when undergoing the procedure since no cutting is involved. The micro-needle insertions feel like mosquito stings and disappear quickly with the help of the topical anaesthetic.

There is almost no downtime after the procedure and no scarring occurs around the eye bag area. This procedure can also be done for the upper eyelid area in cases where your eyes look droopy.

The unfortunate downside to this procedure is that it can only be done for small to medium sized eye bags. It wouldn’t be that effective for large eye bags, and your doctor would probably recommend you get an eye bag removal surgery instead. This procedure costs around $3500 to $4500 and the effects last for up to two years.

3. Laser Blepharoplasty (Laser Eye Bag Removal)

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Another option for you to consider is laser eye bag removal or laser blepharoplasty. Instead of using a scalpel or knife to make incisions, this technique employs the use of a carbon dioxide laser. Unlike traditional eye bag removal surgery, there is little bleeding as the laser beam seals small blood vessels as it cuts tissues. This improves visibility for the surgeon and reduces the procedure duration. There is also a lesser risk of scarring as there is lesser wound contraction.

As with other procedures, a full consultation with your doctor is recommended. There are also a couple of characteristics that would make you a good candidate for laser eye bag removal surgery. These include:

  • Having no medical conditions or illnesses that can slow or weaken the recovery after the procedure
  • Being a non-smoker
  • Not being a heavy drinker

The procedure is similar to traditional eye bag removal surgery where the doctor makes an incision on the lower eyelid and removes the fat tissue. The difference is that it uses a laser instead of a scalpel, which is advantageous for reasons stated above. Compared to traditional surgery however, there is less swelling and discomfort after the procedure. This is because the carbon dioxide laser beam seals lymphatics under the skin and speeds recovery. Recovery takes about 7 to 10 days depending on the size of the eye bags.

Besides eye bag removal, laser blepharoplasty can also address these other issues:

  • Droopy eyelids – instead of operating on the lower eyelids, the laser makes the incision on the upper eyelids. Similarly, the excess fat tissue is removed and the skin is pulled upward and improves the appearance of the eyelids.
  • Double eyelid surgery – For a lot of Asians, there is no visible crease that indicates the eyelids. Laser blepharoplasty allows for the creation of this crease, where the skin above the eye is reshaped by the laser and gives the patient a “double eyelid”.

Laser blepharoplasty costs about $3000 to $5000.

4. Non-surgical 4D Laser Eye Treatment

Finally, there is another procedure that uses lasers but does not require incision – 4D laser eye treatment. Instead of using the laser as a cutting tool, this procedure instead uses lasers to stimulate collagen production underneath the skin. This causes the skin on your lower eyelids to tighten and shrink the size of the eye bags. After this, another laser is used to resurface and adjust the contour of the skin around the eye bags to give it a less wrinkly look.

The treatment takes less than 40 minutes to finish and is one of the safest procedures as it is non-invasive. There is nearly no bruising and pain during the procedure and almost no downtime. In fact, a lot of patients have reported that they resumed normal activities immediately after the procedure. High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment may be followed after this to further tighten and give your lower eyelids a firmer and less puffy appearance. For better results, the doctor may suggest that you undergo 2 to 3 sessions of 4D laser eye treatment.

This procedure is suitable for small- to medium-sized eye bags. Patients of any age can undergo this treatment as long as he/she is allowed by the doctor after a consultation.

The treatment costs about $900 to $1100 per session.

Thanks to scientific research, much safer and better procedures may be developed in time. For now, however, these four procedures are your best options on how to remove your eye bags. No matter what, choose a doctor you trust and listen to his/her advice in choosing a procedure.