Eye Bag Removal / Dark Eye Circles Treatment Clinic Prices in Singapore

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Eye Bag Removal / Dark Eye Circles Treatment Clinic Prices in Singapore
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Have you ever experienced being asked whether you have gotten a good night’s sleep despite completing an 8-hour sleep cycle? A big chunk of patients that come to seek aesthetic treatments have gotten tired of being mistaken as “haggard” or “tired,” when in reality they are feeling very well.

What makes people comment about their appearance this way? Most will look at their reflection on the mirror and, maybe, confuse themselves whether they are actually seeing their own reflection or that of a panda’s. Dark circles and eye bags are the usual suspects in this case!

If you are searching for treatments to get rid of your eye bags, you have come to the right place! In this article, we present to you the facts you need to know about those annoying eye bags and dark circles, plus the different treatments to improve your eyes’ condition that are available in Singapore.

Fast Facts About Eye Bags and Dark Circles

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Eye bags can be classified according to two types: real eye bags and “fake” eye bags. To identify which of the two types you have, let us look closely at the description of each.

  • TEAR TROUGH EYE BAGS. Also known as the fake eye bags, this type of eye bags make the under eye area appear sunken. Aside from the loss of volume of the skin below the eyes, deep lines are also visible. This type of eye bags can be treated with the use of dermal fillers.
  • REAL EYE BAGS. Misplaced fats that usually end up in the area under the eyes cause real eye bags. The eyes look puffy, as the skin below the eyes seems like stuffed pillows. To remove this type of eye bags, patients can choose between two treatments: fillers or eye bags surgery.
  • Fillers can be used to improve eye bags, although patients should expect only an approximate of 30% to 50% improvement. The administration of fillers should be handled by an experienced doctor to achieve optimum results.
  • Eye bags surgery is a much effective treatment to remove eye bags. This invasive treatment involves surgically removing unwanted fats that are stored in the pockets of skin just below the eyes through incision.

Types of Treatments Available to Treat Dark Circles

Dark circles can be divided into two kinds. Below is a table shows the kinds of a dark circle as well as the available treatments best to address these conditions.

Tear Trough Eye Bags
  • Belotero Soft
  • Restylane Vital Light
  • Teosyal Redensity II
Pigmented Dark Circles
  • Monofilament threads with imbued Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C and Glutathione imbued Teosyal Redensity II

Do note that tear trough eye bags are very tricky to treat. It is highly recommended the doctors handling the treatment for this type of dark circles have the right skills and years of experience in managing the procedure.

How Does the Vitamin C-imbued Monofilament Threads Address Dark Circles?

Vitamin C-imbued monofilament threads work by lessening the dark pigmentation around the eyes. The threads, inserted under the skin, promote collagen stimulation. In addition, the threads pull the tissue under the area of the skin that is being treated hence improving the appearance of the under the eye. This treatment is one of the most popular choices to treat dark under eye circles in Singapore.

Expected Results With the Use of Fillers on Eye Bags

Dark eye circles treatment BEFORE and AFTER

The table below shows what patients can expect when fillers are used to treat dark circles:

Tear Trough DarkCirclesEffects of dermal fillers on tear trough dark circles are noticed instantly once the filler is administered in the right way by a skilled medical professional.
Pigmented Dark CirclesEffects of dermal fillers on pigmented dark circles are seen immediately after a treatment. Patients are usually surprised with the instant results that improve the appearance of the under eye area by reducing the dark pigmentation and puffiness of the skin, successfully taking away the tired and haggard look from the face.

Risks or Side Effects Caused by Filler Treatments on Dark Circles

Of the two conditions, treating the tear trough dark circle is much more complex. The treated area is prone to swelling after the treatment, so the fillers are not injected fully into the skin. The inflammation of the skin is a normal reaction and is brought about by the water retained by the filler, which is made up of hyaluronic acid. When done seamlessly by a skilled doctor, patients can expect to see about 70% to 80% improvement on their dark circles. This side effect can be expected to subside in 2 to 3 days following the procedure.

Patients may also experience bruising on the treated areas. Bruising can be concealed with makeup. This side effect is commonly developed when the treatment is conducted by doctors who do not have proper training and enough experience in performing the procedure. Healing of a bruise caused by inexperienced administration of fillers may last up to a week.

Two of the most common side effects are called the Tyndall’s Effect and Sausage Bump.

Tyndall’s EffectWhen placement of the fillers is shallow, the skin appears to be tinted with a faint bluish color. This indicates that the kind of fillers injected to the target area is not the appropriate product for the condition.
Sausage BumpWhen the filler injected supersedes the right amount needed, a bump that is similar to the shape of a sausage forms in the under eye area, making the current condition worse.

Is There a Way to Reverse a Botched Dark Circle Treatment?

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Hyaluronidase is a solution that is used to reverse the effect of a failed dark circle treatment using dermal fillers. Hyaluronidase is injected to the target area and dissolves the fillers that were initially injected. The reversal does not happen overnight. Patients who undergo this procedure should expect to swell in the treated areas as a result of the reaction between the chemicals. About a week is allowed to pass before a much-experienced doctor can administer the correct dosage and treatment of dermal fillers to address dark under eyes.

Results Duration From Successful Treatments

Generally, results from a successful administration of dermal fillers can be fully enjoyed by patients from six to nine months. However, this may differ per patient. At the same time, some external factors and the patient’s lifestyle can contribute to the longevity of the treatment’s results. For example, patients who practice a healthier lifestyle by sleeping earlier, avoiding smoking, and skipping saunas can expect their fillers to last longer.

Cost of Getting a Treatment of Tear Trough Fillers

The cost of tear trough fillers varies depending on the type of treatment that a patient chooses to undertake. Also, there are certain factors that can contribute to the price of the procedures, like the brand of the filler product.

Here is a glimpse of how much a patient will need to prepare for a dark circle treatment.

  • Vitamin C-infused monofilament threads – This type of treatment costs $800 to $1,000 for one treatment.
  • Tear trough fillers – This type of treatment costs $600 to $1,000 per treatment.