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Singapore Blog Reviews on Pico Lasers

pico laser treatment results soft skin

Over the years, the aesthetic industry has developed several treatments and procedures that offer improvements to a variety of problems concerning the skin. Lasers, for instance, have been a go-to equipment of most dermatologists. However, patients who wish to achieve better skin should know that not all lasers are the same. In fact, each laser is specifically designed to address a certain skin flaw.

In this article, we have compiled several reviews from Singapore bloggers that focus on one of these lasers: PICO Laser.

Brief Overview

PICO laser got its name from “picoseconds,” which means trillionth of a second. This means that the laser is able to blast the skin with ultra-short light energy in just a trillionth of a second. The speed of energy discharged to the skin breaks the pigments into miniscule particles similar to powder that are then discarded by the body naturally.

PICO laser promotes skin toning, rejuvenation, and reduction of pigmentations among others.

Get to know which skin impurities are best treated with PICO lasers as experienced by the bloggers in their reviews.

Pigmentation Treatment with Pico Laser by Amanda Yong

In this review, beauty advocate and laser treatment trouper Amanda Yong introduces us to the Picocare 450 laser. This facial laser treatment was her choice to treat her unflattering freckles.

pico laser treatment
pico laser treatment

Amanda’s review mainly tackles on the explanation of how the Picocare 450 laser worked. As for her treatment’s procedure, Amanda shares that a topical numbing cream was used to protect her face from feeling any discomfort during the procedure. She felt a bit of prickling feeling on her skin. After the treatment, Amanda discloses that the skin where the laser was pointed at turned red, but eventually disappeared after one day. The part of the skin where the freckles were set before also appeared like hives in one of her photos. Amanda reassures her readers that this “bubbling” of the skin is normal and it is an indication that the skin is filling up with collagen as it recovers. This process is greatly helpful for depressed acne scars, as it will “elevate” the skin’s surface.

pico laser treatment downtime

Amanda reveals that this treatment has minimal downtime and is the best choice if you want to have lesser trips to the derma for facial laser treatments, as it is quick and very effective. She further recommends pairing this laser facial with Q-Switch laser for optimum results.

pico laser treatment results soft skin

You can read Amanda’s detailed account on Picocare 450 laser on her blog.

Picosure Pigmentation Removal by  Liang May

 What I love about Liang May’s review is how it provides not only details of her facial laser treatment, but also the abundance of photos of the results of her procedure!

For this review, Liang May brings us through her PicoSure laser facial treatment. She turned to this recommendation by her doctor in the hopes of erasing the stubborn pigmentations across her face.

pico laser procedure

Liang May narrates her experience with PicoSure laser facial beginning with her face’s preparation prior to the procedure. Numbing cream was administered to her face and was left for 20 minutes to take effect. As her face felt no sensation, the numbing cream was removed and the treatment started. Liang May mentions that the laser was tolerable and likened its feel to an ant bite. Her procedure lasted for 30 minutes, although she clarifies that the length of time would differ basing on the area being treated and the impurities addressed. After the facial laser, she felt stinging on her face that was eased with a cool blower.

pico laser procedure during the treatment

For downtime, Liang May recounts that she spent 5 days for recovery. She had to limit her sun exposure for one week, had to wear a sun hat everywhere in addition to sunblock application everyday.

pico laser before and after photo

I’d have to say, I am impressed with the results of Liang May’s first session of laser facial for her pigmentation! Her skin flaw lightened significantly within 5 days after the procedure! For a price tag of $590, I can definitely say that she has sure hit the jackpot with this laser facial!

pico laser treatment by days after the procedure

You can read Liang May’s full blog review if you need further convincing about her remarkably effective treatment!

I Went for a Laser to Make My Pores Smaller (And Then Got Blood Spots) by Hidayah Idris

 Okay. Now I do not mean to scare you with this blog review (it’s way far from Halloween for that), but it is relevant so it is here on the list. This is quite a long review compared to the others and the blogger’s experience was strikingly different too.

Hidaya claims in her blog that she has never believed in beauty products that promised to reduce the size of facial pores—obviously what her skin woe is. Hidayah is no stranger to laser treatments so when she was offered a laser facial that pledged to make pore sizes tinier, she quickly jumped the boat!

Before the start of her procedure, Hidaya’s doctor explained the procedure to her and gave assurance that the treatment’s downtime was only under 3 hours.

pico laser treatment cleansing of the face

The first step to Hidaya’s treatment was the cleansing of her face. She mentions that microdermabrasion was done also prior to the application of the numbing cream, which was followed by the laser facial commenced. The laser felt like pinching on her face, which she found normal. I guess the feeling was a bit more intense with other parts of her face as Hidaya’s “normal pinching” claims was followed by “unless the laser was targeted on the darker pigments of pitted scars.”

pico laser treatment cold mask after the procedure

After finishing one round of laser, Hidaya’s doctor suggested to adjust the laser to a higher intensity. She approved and during this application she felt mild pain on her face. Hidaya relates that her skin looked normal following this, but she notes that there were some blisters on her skin. A cold mask was placed over her face to ease the redness.

Minutes into the cooling mask, Hidaya recalls that she felt stinging on her face and when she looked at her reflection she saw blood spots sprawled on her face! Her facemask was removed, given some antibiotic cream, and was eventually sent home with an assurance that the redness on her face would subside after 3 hours.

pico laser blood spots

The next day, her face developed some rashes. Light Therapy addressed this as recommended by her doctor.

Fast-forward to the results (after the kinda bloody experience). Hidaya tells that the blood spots cleared after three days and she marveled at how radiant her skin looked! She states that for a facial laser that cost $800, her pores actually became smaller! Sunscreen is recommended for aftercare!

pico laser treatment results hidaya

Curious to know the entire story of Hidaya’s experience? Proceed here.

Discovering Better Skin With Discovery Pico by Alvinology

 As much as possible, and whenever I get the chance to find a material, I include reviews done by male bloggers for the benefit of our men readers. If you think laser facials are only popular to women, you will be surprised to know that there is a lot of men who actually include this treatment in their skin care regimen.

Alvin shares in his blog review that he was plagued by pimple breakouts when he was in his teenage years due to skin that is oily and acne-prone. This battle with acne imprinted their remembrance on Alvin’s face: reddish acne scars.

In the quest to attain better skin, Alvin turned to Discovery PICO. According to him, this was the first time he has undergone a laser facial treatment. Unfortunately, Alvin’s review does not go to the lengths of describing the things that were done in the course of his treatment.  There are no photos to back up his claim also. I have noticed that male bloggers do not fancy taking pictures of themselves when it comes to facial treatments. Alvin does, however mention about pain, downtime and side effects as a result of the procedure.

Regarding pain, Alvin recalls that he did not find the procedure painful. He credits the use of numbing cream that was applied onto his face before the treatments. Expect, Alvin says, to see the treated areas to swell and look reddish after the treatment. This will only be temporary. He was advised to have a downtime of three days, but he was already out and about the following day as his face barely looked scorched. A soothing cream was prescribed for his aftercare treatment, which was to be applied for more then one week.

After a week, Alvin discloses that the redness of his face has completely subsided and his skin had improved pigmentation. The treatment helped in getting rid of the red and black acne marks that once plagued his face.

For more information about Alvin’s Discovery PICO experience, you may read them here.

We hope this article has helped you know more about the different facial laser treatments available for your skin condition. Of course, the experiences and results of the bloggers encountered may vary from person to person. It is always best to do further research when hunting for facial laser treatments. On top of that, ensure that you are placing your face in the hands of dermatologists who have a proven track record of being able to perform Pico lasers in a safe and secure way. Good luck!


Reviews on Hair Removal Treatments by Singapore Bloggers

Bright and light! IPL removes all those unwanted hair and whitens the underarms, too!

Hair. We all have it. Some have an abundance of it. So abundant that they actually crawl all over the body instead of only concentrating on certain parts where they serve with a rightful purpose.

A lot of women battle with unwanted hairs all over their bodies – legs, arms, back, and (the most unflattering part for me) the upper lip among others. Shaving, tweezing, and waxing is just a few of the cosmetic treatments available in the market for people who wish to have skin that is perfectly flawless minus the hair. These treatments, however, do not promise permanent results. If done incorrectly and in an unsanitary manner, they can cause injury or infection to the skin.

Do you know that there are other ways to rid your body of unwanted hair in a more safe and almost permanent manner? Yes! And it is just your lucky day as this article is about those hair removal solutions!

Laser Hair Removal Review FAQS by Celine Chiam

Celine Chiam poses a funny story at the beginning of her blog. “Why am I born like a gorilla?” She recalls asking her mother when she was small. Growing up, Celine noticed that her body was a bit hairier compared to her friends. Quite unsightly for a fine lady, she says.

Quite a hairy situation
Quite a hairy situation.

In her quest to be hair free, well at least for certain parts of her body like the underarms, lower arms and legs; Celine took her hairy limbs out for a laser hair removal treatment! She mentions that this was her first time to undergo such treatment, so she was slightly nervous before the procedure.

The armpit skin is highly sensitive, hence the need for numbing cream to prevent any discomfort
The armpit skin is highly sensitive, hence the need for numbing cream to prevent any discomfort.

To prep her body for the laser hair removal, Celine underwent a numbing and shaving process. Numbing cream was specifically applied to her armpit areas, as the laser can be quite painful when administered to these parts. For other parts of the body, Celine does not mention the need for the numbing cream. Although she says that these parts felt some slight discomfort when the laser passed through. The laser procedure commenced after the numbing cream has taken effect.

Spot light on hair strands. Gone in an instant!
Spot light on hair strands. Gone in an instant!

As with pain, Celine comments that the laser hair removal treatment did cause some, though they were nothing compared to repeated plucking or waxing. If your pain tolerance is low, then a laser procedure can be your best bet for hair removal.  When getting your armpit treated, Celine warns of some uneasiness and prickling sensations that will linger for somewhat more than an hour following the treatment. She also noticed that parts of her skin had bumps, which the doctor shrugged off as a normal occurrence. These spots disappeared after 30 minutes.

Skin bumps appeared on the arms of Celine, but they disappeared after half an hour.
Skin bumps appeared on the arms of Celine, but they disappeared after half an hour.

The entire laser treatment, including the preparation, lasted for an hour. Fairly quick, I might say. Celine shares that her doctor advised that the hair removed by the laser will not disappear permanently, but she can expect a reduction in their growth to the point that they are barely visible to the sight. About 2 to 3 sessions are needed to have successful hair removal results.

I’d have to say the results gave me goose bumps!  I think it’s time I schedule my own treatment!
I’d have to say the results gave me goosebumps!  I think it’s time I schedule my own treatment!

For the results, Celine graces her blog with photos of her hair free and smooth limbs (plus armpits)! She goes to share the results after a few days, to which she saw that some hair has grown back on her arms and legs. She is happy to note that the strands did not grow as thick as they were before. Her armpit hair did not grow at all. It remained very short and even after two weeks, her armpit hair remained at .1 centimetre. Bravo!

Say goodbye to plucking and hello to hair-free armpits!
Say goodbye to plucking and hello to hair-free armpits!

A tub of hair removal cream was given to Celine to keep her skin moisturized. Since the laser is a heat-generating tool, applying it on the skin can cause extreme dryness.

To get the entire lowdown on Celine’s life-changing hair removal event, click here

Opt Laser Hair Removal System by Jessie Ting

 In this review, beauty blogger Jessie Ting undergoes a treatment of OPT Laser Hair Removal System. She compares this new technology with Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and gives her verdict on which is a much better choice for hair removal.

Jessie commends the OPT system at the start of her review. She mentions that this hair removal procedure is safer, more effective, and more comfortable. For this treatment, Jessie shares that she focused on the removal of unwanted hair from her armpits and lower legs.

The laser’s added cooling setting helped reduce any pain during the treatment.

The OPT laser hair removal started with the shaving of the targeted areas for treatment. After which, the parts were smeared with aloe vera gel. The OPT laser then was dragged over Jessie’s legs and armpits. As the laser was rolled on her skin, Jessie shares that she did not feel any discomfort as the laser, likewise, has a cooling feature. The treatment has no downtime and side effects, so there is no need to worry about taking some time off to recover as you can very well be out and about as soon as your procedure is done. Jessie exclaims that she was so amazed that, at just the first session, most of her hair was gone!

Aloe vera gel act as a protective layer for the skin as the laser eliminates unwanted hair from the legs.

Jessie recommends this treatment for people who are interested in getting a hair removal treatment or skin rejuvenation. Read more about Jessie’s review on her blog.

Smooth Skin Control Treatment by Xiaxue

 Xiaxue confesses on her blog review that she started shaving her legs and underarms when she was twelve years old! (Yep, I guess she is quite hairy!) And, if you have tried shaving your hair off, you would have an idea what to expect when the strands grow back. They are thicker and prickly to the touch! Imagine running your hands and feeling sandpaper rubbing against your skin when it actually is supposed to be your legs! Yikes!

Growing up, Xiaxue discloses that she has basically tried every hair removal trick she knows. There was tweezing, which was time-consuming. Shaving, which caused icky ingrown hairs. Brazilian waxes, which was expensive and PAINFUL!

S.S.C. treatment essentials!
S.S.C. treatment essentials!

So, when she was offered the S.S.C. treatment for hair removal, she did not even have to think twice about obliging! Smooth skin control treatment is similar to IPL as it uses light therapy to remove hair in a gentle manner. Xiaxue discloses that this treatment also whitens the skin, too.

This gel works the hair removal magic for S.S.C.! It is no ordinary gel!
This gel works the hair removal magic for S.S.C.! It is no ordinary gel!

Xiaxue’s legs were the targets for this treatment. A generous amount of gel was spread to both of her legs. After this, the light treatment commenced. Xiaxue discloses that this treatment has zero pain as compared to IPL. All she felt during the procedure was a warm sensation. In reality, she felt so relaxed she fell asleep!

S.S.C. not only removes hair, but also improves the skin’s composition.
S.S.C. not only removes hair, but also improves the skin’s composition.

The results? Xiaxue testifies that her legs became exceedingly smooth and moisturized. The following days only got better! Her legs felt smoother, fairer and less dry. The first sprouts of hair appeared after a week, but the growth was few. Xiaxue adds that the S.S.C. treatment is cheaper compared to other treatments for hair removal.

If you need to see to believe, head on to Xiaxue’s article on Smooth Skin Control to read her full disclosure plus photos!

Strip Underarm IPL for Just $18 by Maybelline

Maybelline called it quits with shaving her armpit – she found this hair removal method to be such a hassle, in addition to turning the underarms to the dark side. Makes you wonder if Darth Vader was the one responsible for advocating shaving!

Highly sanitary, this pack contains everything you need for our IPL treatment.

Kidding aside, Maybelline’s review informs us with her experience on hair removal using the IPL underarm strip. I was actually surprised at how this treatment is done super quick. Maybelline enumerates the contents of her IPL pouch on her review. These were: a disposable shaver, pre-sealed wet wipes, fresh cotton pads and buds, disposable latex gloves, and wooden spatulas. I initially thought that this was a DIY treatment, but Maybelline reveals that an attendant did the hair removal procedure for her.

Glasses on because the heat will be turned on!
Glasses on because the heat will be turned on!

She mentions of only 3 swift steps: putting on a pair of sunglasses for eye protection (as the machine used emitted heat that can be damaging to the eyes), a layer of gel applied on her underarms and finally, the zapping off of hair follicles. The IPL hair removal treatment for both sides of her armpit was done in just 15 minutes.


Bright and light! IPL removes all those unwanted hair and whitens the underarms, too!
Bright and light! IPL removes all those unwanted hair and whitens the underarms, too!

For post-treatment care, she was given some moisturizing and whitening creams to help keep the skin hydrated and delay the growth of hair strands.

Just a side note, this blog was written back in 2016, so there may be changes in the pricing already. You can read more about Maybelline’s review here.

I think we have covered several hair removal treatments for you to choose from.  We hope that this write-up helped you to decide on which procedure is most suitable for you! We wish you all the best in your hair removal quest!

Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions About Braces In Singapore

Asian Girl With Braces Smiling

I’m sure you stumbled upon this page after searching about braces in Singapore on your search bar. Well, now you can put on your best smile because you have come to the right place. Here, I share with you all my answers to your most frequent questions about braces!

How can dental braces help me?

dental braces illustration

Conscious about your misaligned teeth? Thanks to Orthodontics, you don’t have to worry anymore. Orthodontists are specialized dentists who deal specifically with this problem, and they offer multiple treatment options you can choose from.

Dental braces not only help to straighten your teeth, it can also fix underbites and overbites. Research also show that getting braces can improve your over-all dental hygiene and boost self-confidence.

You can have the traditional metal braces, or if you want a less noticeable option, you can either have the ceramic braces or clear aligners like Invisalign. Finally, if you really want your braces hidden, you can also opt for lingual braces.  Read on to know more about each treatment option, costs and each of their specific features.

Where can I get braces in Singapore?

If you’re looking for an affordable choice, I have read that the Post Graduate Orthodontic Clinic at NUS offers orthodontic treatment at a fixed price of $2800 (plus X-Ray and extraction fees), where treatments are performed by post grad orthodontic students under supervision of a professional.

Also, you can get your braces from General Practitioners (GPs) in Singapore and you can even avail Invisalign treatment from most of them.

In my humble opinion, and from many years of experience working with patients, I don’t believe that these two are your best options. Instead, I feel that Orthodontists give the best level of service to patients because their three extra years of training and learning orthodontic techniques allow them to detect and treat more complicated cases.

What are the payment options for braces in Singapore?

Payment option

In Singapore, it is important to note that your braces cannot be paid for by your Medisave since it is exclusively used for surgical procedures.

However, in patients with severe cases where their misaligned teeth lead to serious health problems, braces can be covered by your dental insurance if you seek specialist examinations that can support your need for braces for medical purposes.

Aside from these serious cases, teeth-straightening treatments are commonly recognized as a cosmetic procedure and cannot be covered by your insurance.

But don’t worry, here, I give you three ways I know on how you can pay for your braces:

  1. In most dental clinics, an upfront payment of 50% of the total fee is required during your first visit. Then, you can continue to pay in the follow- up appointments until the treatment is completed.
  2. You can also ask the dental clinics if they have instalment plans. Some clinics offer this option also.
  3. It’s free! — if you’re famous enough to get a sponsorship, that is. Lucky you!

What are the different teeth-straightening treatments I can choose from?

  1. Metal Braces

metal braces

In Singapore, the metal braces are the most conventional type of teeth-straightening method. These braces have the longest track record in the teeth-straightening business. If you can recall as early as your elementary or high school years, some of your friends and classmates had those unflattering, brightly-colored metal fences on their teeth!

These metal braces are composed of metal wires that are designed to adjust the position of your teeth. These wires tighten and over a given period of time (depending on complexity and development) until the desired result is achieved.

Aside from being widely known to have a noticeable and unpleasant appearance, these metal wires oftentimes cause abrasions and ulcerations which can be painful and uncomfortable. In addition, these metal braces are not removable, so food tend to get trapped making it harder to clean.

Since metal braces are the most common type of braces in Singapore, they are also the cheapest one you can avail. The cost of metal braces treatment ranges from $3000 to $4500 depending on the complexity of the treatment.  Most dentists recommend metal braces treatment for more complex cases.

  1. Ceramic braces

teeth with ceramic braces

If you want something that is less noticeable than the metal braces, then the ceramic braces would be a better choice for you. Ceramic braces are basically just the same as metal braces except for the color. Compared to metals ones that really appear shiny and colorful, the ceramic braces are designed to blend with the color of the teeth. For this treatment, you can either opt for white metal ties or clear elastic ties to secure the braces on your teeth.

The ceramic brackets are larger than the metal ones making it harder to clean and can cause cuts and soreness on the mouth area. Also, because ceramic is made of brittle material, it tends to chip and crack and may require more trips to your dentist because the ties need to be regularly replaced. This often result to a longer treatment time and higher cost compared to metal brackets.

I have read a lot of blog reviews that discourage the use of ceramic braces because according to them, while the ceramic brackets don’t stain, the ties tend to develop discoloration when you eat or drink food that cause stain on the teeth.

From my viewpoint, I don’t agree with this because this situation about staining can always be prevented. For example, if you are a coffee lover, I will not prevent you from getting ceramic braces. Instead, I will advise you properly so that you will have to take extra care.

The cost for ceramic  braces in Singapore is $4000 to $5500. In order to save on treatment, some patients in Singapore choose to have their ceramic braces on the more noticeable upper front teeth and metal braces on the less visible lower teeth.

  1. Clear aligners e.g. Invisalign

clear dental aligners

It seems to me that it cannot be denied that Invisalign is the most popularly known and proven type of clear aligners. Invisalign is an almost invisible substitute to traditional metal braces. The treatment includes a set of custom-made clear aligners. Each set is designed to gradually align your teeth for about two to three weeks, then a new set of Invisalign aligner will replace the previous set. The number of sets may vary from 15 to 25 or more depending on how many is required by your dentist.

Here I discuss the two great features of this type of treatment:

  1. The first feature: reduced pain and discomfort.

It is commonly known that conventional braces use metal and most often cause abrasions that are painful and bothersome not only during orthodontic treatment, but also while eating food. This high level of discomfort is often one of the main reasons why some patients shy away from metal braces.

With Invisalign, you can remove the aligner any time and you can eat, brush and floss normally without any hassle which could only mean one thing: no food restrictions! For best results, Invisalign must be worn at least 20-23 hours every day.

  1. The second and the best feature: Invisible braces! (Well…nearly)

Imagine being able to straighten your teeth without having to feel  the embarrassment of those shiny metal frames plastered on your teeth! Especially in this generation of social media where you should always be picture-ready! Fortunately, clear aligners like Invisalign are here to save you!

The cost of clear aligners e.g. Invisalign Treatment in Singapore is between $5500 to $10000 and prices may vary depending on your choice to have it done by a GP or an Orthodontist. The cost will also be affected by how long and complex your treatment will be.

In addition, the Invisalign company grants discounts to dentists and clinics that perform a greater number of Invisalign treatments. In return, these clinics also offer discounts to their patients.

  1. Lingual braces

Dental mirror showing lingual braces

Some patients really want to avoid the embarrassment of bulky braces, so their dentist advise them to get lingual braces. Lingual braces are designed to attach to the back of your teeth making it completely invisible.

In my experience however, I disagree on recommending lingual braces as a teeth-straightening treatment because aside from the immense inconvenience, it is also very expensive amounting from $7500 up to $9500. This type of treatment cost more than all the others because of the intricacy involved in the process of installation and maintenance.

Lingual braces also have longer treatment time than the conventional metal braces and may feel uncomfortable on the inside of the mouth. You will have to take some time to get used to especially when talking. You will have to try to speak normally without sounding weird. Also, abrasions can occur on the tongue and this is not suitable for complex cases and small teeth.

As a personal recommendation, clear aligners like Invisalign are your best option because it provides better comfort. Yes, it may cost a little bit more than the conventional braces, but the advantages really do make up for it. Today, because of this technology, you can have your teeth straightened without feeling ugly, eat anything you want and have a healthier over-all dental hygiene all at the same time.

Now that’s something to smile about!


Singapore Blog Reviews on Facial Laser Treatment

This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion
This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion

Laser Facial Review by Airin Lee

In this blog, beauty enthusiast Airin Lee shares about her facial laser experience with the use of a combination of the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG laser.

Upon registering her profile in the clinic she chose, Airin was ushered to one of the consultation rooms in the clinic. Here, she narrates that her doctor assessed her skin and gave recommendations regarding the procedures best and some skin care tips to address her facial flaws.

Airin discloses that she needed treatments to combat two skin impurities: dullness and clogged pores (which resulted to blemishes and blackheads).

To treat her dull face complexion, Airin shares that she underwent a laser procedure that was done in 3 quick steps.

NdYAG laser is first used on Airin’s face
NdYAG laser is first used on Airin’s face

First, Airin’s doctor operated the Nd:YAG laser on her face. This laser is effective in unclogging pores, controlling oil production, and diminishing pigmentation of the skin. During the procedure, Airin’s eyes are covered to protect them from the laser beams. She felt the laser’s heat, although minimal, as it passed through her face. After the administration of the Nd:YAG, the doctor switched to Er:YAG laser. This laser, as Airin writes, aids the stimulation of collagen in the skin. Lastly, Airin got a Hydro-Lifting mask on her face for skin hydration and rejuvenation.

This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion
This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion

The other laser treatment Airin got was to treat her blemishes and blackheads. This procedure was done with the use of Carbon lotion and laser beams. It was also done in 3 steps.

The “dirt” seems on Airin’s face is actually Carbon lotion, which works well with laser.
The “dirt” seems on Airin’s face is actually Carbon lotion, which works well with the laser.

First, the doctor applied Carbon lotion on all the exposed skin on Airin’s face. The laser machine was then administered. During this time, Airin shares that there will be popping sounds and you will be able to feel slight pulsating heat from the laser. Once the procedure was done, a hydrating gel mask was placed over Airin’s face.

Got to keep that face hydrated after being exposed to the laser’s heat!
Got to keep that face hydrated after being exposed to the laser’s heat!

Both facial laser procedures took 10 to 20 minutes each and there was minimal discomfort the entire time. I like that Airin gives further explanations on her blog about the benefits of every procedure. For instance, she mentions that the Carbon lotion’s interaction with the laser beams helps in skin exfoliation.

Soft skin achieved!
Soft skin achieved!

As for the results, Airin imparts that she did not find any difference immediately after the procedure was done. However, when she washed her face on the night after her facial laser treatment, she noticed that her skin was supple to the touch! Her post-treatment photos prove it!

Click this link to read Airin’s facial laser treatment experience!

AlmaLase Laser Facial by Jody Liu

Jody Liu turned to AlmaLASE laser facial to deal with her skin imperfections. She specifically points out two of her face’s problem areas: skin dullness and pores that are visible!

Jody walks us through her facial laser treatment that began with the most important step prior to having the procedure done: cleansing.  Makeup was first removed then the assistant proceeded to clean her face. After which, an enzyme peel gel was used to do some gentle exfoliating on the skin.

Laser gel application to prevent any skin irritation!
Laser gel application to prevent any skin irritation!

Next, Jody recalls that a generous amount of laser gel was applied to her face. She was informed that this solution serves as skin protection. Soon, the laser procedure commenced! Jody tells that the laser beam was dragged over her face 3 times. The laser was set at the lowest and she felt a warm but pain-free sensation on her face as the laser moved about. Throughout this time, Jody’s eyes were covered with protectors.

Laser light beams sure are intense!
Laser light beams sure are intense!

The aesthetician wiped off the laser gel, applied toner, moisturizer and sunblock as final touches to her face. The facial laser procedure took about 15 to 20 minutes.

Jody shares that she did not see any improvement on her skin while looking at the mirror after the treatment. It was only after she was shown her before and after photos that she noticed her skin’s radiance. Her pores appeared to have shrunk in size, too.

Smaller pores: check!
Smaller pores: check!

The results continued to show days after the facial laser procedure.  Jody discloses that her skin was more refined and she experienced lesser breakouts. She also commends the treatment because she did not experience any skin irritation, such as flaking and itchiness.

Overall, Jody seemed to be satisfied with the results of her facial treatment, although she admits that she cannot fully vouch on this specific laser facial as she has only done it once. To get all the features of this treatment, head on to Jody’s blog.

 Carbon Laser Treatment by Chloe

 Chloe’s review of her Carbon laser treatment is so bubbly, you would feel through her words that she enjoyed the procedure from start to finish!

To begin her laser facial journey, Chloe relates that she had to fill out a registration for patients. She then had a consultation with a doctor where her skin was analyzed and a specific treatment plan was laid out for her. She mentions that her skin around her nose, cheeks, and chin area breakout often times due to hormones. She also suffered from a very oily skin on her T-zone area. To address her skin troubles, the doctor recommended some skin care products and Carbon laser treatment.

Pop goes the laser! Popping sounds can be heard throughout the Carbon laser procedure.
Pop goes the laser! Popping sounds can be heard throughout the Carbon laser procedure.

Chloe divulges that the doctor smeared Carbon lotion on the problem areas on her face: chin, nose, and forehead. The laser was then directed onto these surfaces. She mentions that the laser produced a popping sound when it hit spots that are heavy with oil. She also felt a slight heat from the laser and smelled smoke as the treatment continued. To lessen the smoke from the laser treatment, a vacuum was also held in place to eradicate smoke. This laser facial, according to Chloe, promotes collagen stimulation, skin exfoliation, and pore tightening.

Second round of facial laser to reduce acne scars pigmentation.
The second round of facial laser to reduce acne scars pigmentation.

In addition to this, Chloe got a longer pulse laser treatment as recommended by her doctor. This facial laser treatment targeted reduction of the pigmentation caused by her acne scars.

No facial redness after all those hot lasers? Yes!
No facial redness after all those hot lasers? Yes!

After both procedures, Chloe shares that she was surprised to see no redness on her face at all! No downtime was also needed! Just before she headed out of the clinic, her face was hydrated with a hydrating gel mask. The whole facial laser treatment took only 30 minutes of Chloe’s time.

Time to cool the face down!
Time to cool the face down!

For results, Chloe says that there her face had a minimal reappearance of pimples and her T-zone was less oily 2 weeks after the procedure. In fact, she was so impressed by the great results of her skin care that she is already looking forward to going back for another round of Carbon laser treatment!

Head on to Chloe’s personal blog to read about her whole experience!

Pico Laser Treatment by Sim Alvin

There are not a lot of male bloggers sharing about their skin care treatment, so I was glad to find Sim Alvin’s laser facial review. In his blog, Sim Alvin shares about his treatment with the use of Pico Laser.  This is the only blog that mentioned the price of certain facial laser treatment. At the same time, the result of the procedure is far different from the first three reviews.

Sim Alvin begins his laser facial story by disclosing that he wanted to undergo a treatment that would lighten the acne scars on his face. He chose to get a face laser treatment package amounting to $2,500+ for 6 sessions. These sessions were then scheduled 6 months apart.

Red as a tomato after one round of Pico laser facial.
Red as a tomato after one round of Pico laser facial.

At the start of his facial laser treatment, Sim Alvin recounts that his face was cleansed and numbing cream was put on his face. He had to wait an hour for the cream to take effect. As soon as his face felt numb, the Pico laser was administered on his face. The laser pulsed twice on areas with deeper scars. Sim Alvin comments that he cannot give a bit of advice regarding pain felt during the procedure as he has a very high tolerance for pain.

On closer look, Sim Alvin’s skin looked burnt.
On closer look, Sim Alvin’s skin looked burnt.

Right after the facial laser procedure, Sim Alvin shows that his face was all red. He also adds that the severity of the redness will likely depend on the intensity of the laser setting used on the skin. Because of the redness, Sim Alvin had to use a facemask to hide his flushed face.  A close up of his face actually looked like it was seared. Some parts even seemed bruised.

Facemask to the rescue! Here’s to avoid ogling eyes!
Facemask to the rescue! Here’s to avoid ogling eyes!

For aftercare, Alvin was given a cream to lessen the redness, which he did not find effective at all. He says that he needed 5 to 7 days for downtime and continued to wear a facemask to avoid stares from people in his office.

There are not a lot of photos to support Sim Alvin’s facial laser treatment. I suppose we shall take his word for it. If you want to read his entire experience, you can do so by clicking this link.

That is all for this edition of facial laser treatments across Singapore! I hope this article has helped you in determining which laser facial suits your skin condition best!

Your Cheat Sheet on Tattoo Removal in Singapore

Xinyi’s tattoo significantly changed and turned lighter after her first session.
Xinyi’s tattoo significantly changed and turned lighter after her first session.

Tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea. Although times today have been more accepting of this art expression, some people who have them wake up one day with regret and want to peel the tattoos off their bodies like stickers.

A piece of advice: think (thoroughly!) before you get inked.

People have different reasons why they get tattoos on their bodies. There are those who do it out of curiosity or self-expression, others to commemorate a memory, and unfortunately, there are those who happen to pass by a tattoo shop and do it on a whim after a night of hard partying. The latter usually are the ones who regret their tattoos most.

Whatever your reason may be I leave that up to you. The fact that you are interested in and reading this article leads only to one goal: you are thinking of getting your tattoos removed. You have come to the right place as I have lined up several blogger reviews that would help you know more about the available procedures for tattoo removal in Singapore.

Tattoo Removal with Picosure Laser by Xinyi Soh

To be honest, blog reviews about tattoo removal is hard to find. I am sharing Xinyi Soh’s review first on the list, as her experience is the most current I have found on the World Wide Web.

At first, Xinyi was hesitant to have one of her tattoos erased as most of her friends advised that having it removed may leave scars on her skin. However, this changed as she discovered and learned about a laser treatment that promises to effectively remove pigmentation and tattoos. After learning about how PicoSure Laser works, Xinyi was convinced and booked her first session for tattoo removal.

Tattoos in black ink are easier to remove than those in color.
Tattoos in black ink are easier to remove than those in color.

Xinyi’s tattoo removal started with a consultation. During this time, the doctor recommended a combination of CO2 Laser and PicoSure Laser to prevent her skin from wounding. Following the consultation, Xinyi shares that a numbing cream was applied over the area of her tattoo.

CO2 laser is administered first to protect the skin from blisters.
CO2 laser is administered first to protect the skin from blisters.

The CO2 Laser procedure commenced first. Xinyi explains that the CO2 Laser is a fractional ablative laser that works to rejuvenate and tone the skin. This treatment benefits the top most layer of the skin it protects the skin from blisters and scars.

Subsequently, the PicoSure Laser procedure is administered on Xinyi’s tattoo area. PicoSure, according to Xinyi, removes the tattoo by “delivering ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in picoseconds shattering the ink pigment into tiny dust-like particles which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated by the body naturally.” In addition, this type of laser emits less heat and prevents the skin from any damage.

PicoSure laser goes through Xinyi’s tattoo.
PicoSure laser goes through Xinyi’s tattoo.

Xinyi likens the pain she felt during the procedure to ant bites. She mentions feeling a bit of discomfort about 15 minutes after finishing her first tattoo removal session. Despite the slight pain, Xinyi shares that she did not get any blisters after doing a session using both lasers to remove her tattoo. She describes her tattoo as looking “whitish” after the application of PicoSure Laser. There is no drastic change in the appearance of the tattoo and her doctor advised that she needs 6 sessions of tattoo removal for the ink to be erased completely.

Xinyi’s tattoo significantly changed and turned lighter after her first session.

The cost for her combination CO2 laser and PicoSure laser is $960.00 for a tattoo that is about the size of a palm.

Read more about Xinyi’s tattoo removal experience here. You can also watch a video of her tattoo removal procedure embedded in her blog to have a glimpse on how the treatment goes.

My Experiences on Eyebrow Laser Tattoo Removal by Vanny

In contrast to the skin in the body, I can say that our face’s skin is much more delicate. Vanny’s laser tattoo removal covers an area that is very sensitive—the eyebrows.

In her blog, Vanny explains that she decided to have her eyebrows tattoo removed, as she would like to try out a different eyebrow shape. She found a package for laser tattoo online that quoted her $388 inclusive of laser tattoo removal and eyebrow embroidery. The laser tattoo removal is for an unlimited time, which means until the ink color diminishes completely.

Those fierce eyebrows are about to be wiped off the face of Vanny.
Those fierce eyebrows are about to be wiped off the face of Vanny.

Vanny narrates that her treatment started with an assessment of her eyebrows. Once that was done, she was prepped up for her laser treatment. Numbing cream was smeared on her eyebrows. As usual, 30 minutes passed for the cream to take effect. As the cream became effective, Vanny was given a pair of shades to shield her eyes from the laser beams. Her first laser tattoo removal took around 10-15 minutes to complete. I can’t say exactly what kind of laser was used on Vanny’s eyebrow tattoos because she did not mention it on her review.

Regarding pain, Vanny grades her experience with a maximum of 4 over 5 in total (3.5 for pain, 4 for discomfort). Having the laser go through her eyebrows, she shares, felt like having rubber bands continuously shot onto the target areas. She did not feel comfortable at all as the procedure was done close to the eyes. A burning smell consistently lingered throughout her treatment (I’m thinking this may be caused by burnt hair?) Generally, the pain was tolerable for her.

Vanny with slightly vanishing eyebrows!

After her first tattoo removal, Vanny’s eyebrows turned white. The tattoos were not removed totally and she had to schedule a couple more sessions to achieve high results. In her following sessions the laser power that was applied to her was increased. Vanny shares photos of her eyebrows that bled—a lot! She did not mention anything about scabbing, so I guess none of that happened as the blisters on her eyebrows healed. She was advised not to put on makeup as her skin healed.

Ouch. The laser singed off Vanny’s eyebrow hairs and left blisters.
Ouch. The laser singed off Vanny’s eyebrow hairs and left blisters.

Vanny discloses a very important tip for people who wish to have their eyebrows tattoos removed: get it done by a highly skilled beautician as is has to be performed in a controlled manner. The strength of the laser should not be too powerful as it could kill the hair follicles of your eyebrows. You want only your tattoos removed—not your entire eyebrows!

Vanny gave commendable results after having 3 sessions done. She imparts that the color of her tattoo has faded and her eyebrows’ hair have started to grow back. For aftercare, Vanny used a lash and brow serum.

Vanny’s eyebrows are ready to be reshaped, as the tattoos are barely noticeable.
Vanny’s eyebrows are ready to be reshaped, as the tattoos are barely noticeable.

A plus to this blog review is the interaction between Vanny and other readers who inquired about other details post-procedure. You can check this on the comment section of her blogsite, Vannytelly.

My Tattoo Removal Journey by Michelle Yang

Michelle Yang’s sentiments on the number of blog reviews available on the Internet and mine are basically the same. There aren’t almost any detailed write-ups that offer information about tattoo removal in Singapore!

Anyway, I am thankful that Michelle decided to chronicle her experience. Her review, which comes in 3 installments, is so extensive I love it!

Michelle shares on her blog that she had several tattoos that she wanted to remove. These tattoos are located on different parts of her body. She went on a search for clinics that offered tattoo removals and finally settled to have it done in one that used the MedLite C6 Laser system. Michelle provides a brief background on how MedLite C6 Laser works on her blog.

Before photos of Michelle’s tattoos.
Before photos of Michelle’s tattoos.

Coming into the clinic, Michelle shares that the first thing the doctor did was to give a consultation. After this, she gets prepared for her tattoo removal procedure. Her tattoos get a generous amount of numbing cream in order to ease the pain brought about by the laser. Michelle’s preparations took a bit of time (2 hours) as she had several tattoos she wanted to remove and had to wait out the numbing cream to take effect. The tattoo removal soon commenced and the doctor administered the MedLite C6 Laser on her tattoos.

Numbing cream to numb the pain!
Numbing cream to numb the pain!

Michelle discloses that she initially was fearful of the pain she was anticipating to feel during the procedure. She says that she once tried to have her tattoos removed when she was 20 and the pain was unbearable. Surprisingly, her tattoo removal experience this time was more pleasant. She rates the discomfort of the procedure 3-4 on a scale of 10 as the most painful. She also mentions to anticipate blisters after the treatment.

After several treatments, most of Michelle’s tattoo has faded.
After several treatments, most of Michelle’s tattoo has faded.

For aftercare, Michelle shares some of the medications that she was prescribed with. She completed 10 sessions of laser tattoo removal within a year and, as she discloses, will need more to have all the ink colors erased totally. Overall, she was happy, as her tattoos have faded significantly. The results are pretty awesome after 10 sessions, if you ask me.

Before and after photos. Just a few more sessions to achieve that sexy back!
Before and after photos. Just a few more sessions to achieve that sexy back!

You can checkout more of Michelle Yang’s tattoo removal journey in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Tattoo Removal by Ohsofickle

Tammy’s blog on tattoo removal goes way back. It lands on our list of reviews, as her experience was quite different based on the first three blogs and it records all the things she went through in 5 separate articles complete with photos!

The location of Tammy’s tattoos that she wanted to remove is on her arm. She, like others, turned to good old Google to search for ways on how to remove her inks. Her research only led her to the most effective recommendation given: LASER.

Tammys shares that she had a hard time bringing herself to the clinic. But, finally the day came where she took all courage and was able to drag herself for her appointment!

For preparation, her arm was coated with numbing cream, wrapped with cling film, and had to wait 45 minutes for the ointment to be effective. Her laser treatment took 20 minutes to finish. Sadly, there are no photos included in Tammy’s blog, but she discloses that during the procedure she could smell her skin burning. After her first session, her arm was wrapped in a bandage. She mentions that her arm burned and swelled badly after the tattoo removal process.

The colors on Tammy’s arm are a bit lighter after her first tattoo removal session.
The colors on Tammy’s arm are a bit lighter after her first tattoo removal session.

Tammy also expresses her dismay at the amount of pain she felt when the laser was going through the tattoos on her arm. Her wrist felt the most painful sensation as she mentions that the numbing cream did not cover the area well. She was barely able to move her arm and her flesh was throbbing in pain.  After two months, she did a follow up treatment. The following day after her second session her arm had gigantic watery blisters!

Blistering barnacles! Those blisters are not a sight to behold!
Blistering barnacles! Those blisters are not a sight to behold!

As if that’s not enough, it wasn’t the end of her ordeal. Her arm looked the worst after her 7th session. To be honest, it looked like a harrowing skin disease! Nevertheless, she needed about a month to recuperate from the battering her arm endured.

Gross as it can be, those white frostings are indicating that your skin is healing rapidly.
Gross as it can be, those white frostings are indicating that your skin is healing rapidly.

By the end of the 9th session, Tammy posts photos of her arm taken prior to her treatments and after for comparison. She drops the bomb by honestly saying that having a tattoo removed via laser is not as easy as it looks like.

Almost, but not quite. A few more sessions are needed for Tammy’s arm to be tattoo free.
Almost, but not quite. A few more sessions are needed for Tammy’s arm to be tattoo free.

For costs, Tammy’s first session totaled to $500. This amount already included the consultation. She estimates the cost of the succeeding sessions to roughly about $300-$400 per session. Her tattoo was a big one, so a smaller tattoo for removal would cost less.

On the number of treatments needed, she advises to take 7-10 sessions of laser tattoo removal. To set expectations straight, Tammy says that the tattoo will not vanish entirely even after 10 sessions as some ink may be impossible to remove.

You can read more about Tammy’s entire tattoo removal experience on her blog site, Ohsofickle.

As you may have noticed, the bloggers used different kinds of laser for the removal of their tattoos. It is always best to scout for the best option around that fits your needs and, most importantly, your budget. I hope this article was able to help find the right laser treatment for your tattoo removal. Happy searching!

Your Guide to Mole Removal in Singapore

Target locked: this mole on Jacqueline’s chin is about to be removed.
Target locked: this mole on Jacqueline’s chin is about to be removed.

For many Asians, the sight of moles on their bodies is not unusual. Supermodel Cindy Crawford gained popularity back in the days when she referred to the mole on her upper lip as a “beauty mark.” In contrast, singer Enrique Iglesias got a total makeover for his looks when he had the mole on his face removed.

Depending on how you see it, a facial mole may either be a nuisance or a beneficial trademark.

Moles develop when the melanin in the skin overproduces. People who live in tropical climates often have more moles as they are more exposed to the rays of the sun, which causes the body to produce more melanin to protect the skin from damage. Moles that are notably larger and irregularly shaped can sometimes turn into melanoma.

It is very likely that you arrived at this site after searching the Internet for “facial mole removal + Singapore.” Well, today is your lucky day my friend! Read on to get recommendations from 4 bloggers who have written about their mole removal experiences.

Mole Removal by Jacqueline

Jacqueline has a mole located under her chin that she had since she was a baby. She mentions that she didn’t mind its existence at first, but got bugged by it whenever it shows in some of her angles during photo shoots. She was initially hesitant to have it removed as her skin once developed keloid after getting her ears pierced.

Target locked: this mole on Jacqueline’s chin is about to be removed.
Target locked: this mole on Jacqueline’s chin is about to be removed.

After a consultation with an aesthetic doctor, Jacqueline decided to finally have her mole removed despite being given no guarantee that she will be keloid free after the treatment. For her procedure, Jacqueline discloses that the doctor used the Cautery (Radio Surgery) method. This method uses radio frequency to remove skin impurities such as moles, warts, and tags among others.

Local anesthesia is injected to keep the pain at bay.
Local anesthesia is injected to keep the pain at bay.

To start the treatment, Jacqueline shares that the area in which the procedure is to be done gets cleaned. After which the doctor injects local anesthesia to numb the area to avoid any sensation when the mole gets removed. The doctor then starts burning the mole on Jacqueline’s chin. She mentions that there was no pain involved during the procedure, although she did not like the burnt skin smell.

The burning smell of the skin was a pain for Jacqueline’s nose.
The burning smell of the skin was a pain for Jacqueline’s nose.

Since Jacqueline’s mole was larger the dent left on her skin was larger. She mentions that she was given an antibiotic ointment for aftercare. She advises that the ointment should be administered to the wound continually until a scab forms. The ointment should not be too thick and should be discontinued as the scab appears.

Mole be gone!
Mole be gone!

A month after the mole removal, Jacqueline happily shows that her wound has healed well and the indentation has flattened out. A follow up consultation is scheduled after her first procedure to assess whether there is a need for another round of Cautery. Usually, a repeat session is mandatory if the mole pigmentation still recurs.

For costs, prepare to shell out around $600-$700 for one Cautery session. This should include the consultation fee, base charge, and mole removal procedure.

Click here to read more of Jacqueline’s mole removal experience.

Mole Removal by Claire

Claire’s life is about to make a major change as she is getting married! In preparation for her wedding, Claire shares that she wanted her face clean—and the existence of more than just one mole on it did not make things easy for her. She comments about the extra time she puts in everyday just to conceal the moles on her face. Finally, she decides to have them all removed permanently!

To have her moles removed, Claire visited an aesthetic clinic for consultation. After her intrinsic facial assessment, the method that was recommended to remove her moles was Cautery.  Claire mentions that the cautery procedure targeted to remove 8 moles.

The moles on Claire’s face are strikingly obvious even at a far distance.
The moles on Claire’s face are strikingly obvious even at a far distance.

The process of burning the moles off of Claire’s face did not bring any pain. She says that the only part that brought pain during the procedure was when the local anesthesia was injected—and she had to go through it 8 times! Yikes!

Claire shares that there is a possible indentation that may be left on the skin after the moles are removed. How deep the dent is would depend on the depth of the skin’s pigmentation. For one of her raised moles, Claire discloses that the doctor asked her if she wanted only the black parts removed. She had to think thoroughly as the mole was rather large, and should the pigmentation turn out to be deep in the skin, the depth of the indentation might be large. Thankfully, the mole turned out to be flat and the doctor was able to burn them off totally without leaving a dent.

This wand burns all those unwanted moles away.

For aftercare, an ointment was prescribed for Claire to apply to her facial wounds for two days. Sunblock may only be worn when the scabs have appeared. Concealers are definitely a big NO during this time, so toss them to the garbage!

Bare-faced Claire is so happy with the outcome of her mole removal procedure!
Bare-faced Claire is so happy with the outcome of her mole removal procedure!

Once the scabs have formed be careful not to pick them off! Allow your skin to heal gradually and wait for the time that the scabs fall off naturally. After the scabs have fallen off you may notice some slight discoloration on the areas where the moles were formed before. Claire says that your face will not look perfect after, but I can say that it will certainly look better. She is ecstatic that she can now sport a bare face look!

Head on to Claire’s blog to read her full experience on mole removal.

Mole Extraction by Peiling

The mole that Pei Ling wants to remove is a flat mole located on one side of her cheek. For her treatment, she discloses her experience with the use of a CO2 laser.

Get ready to say goodbye to Pei Ling’s flat mole that is situated at the very center of her cheek.
Get ready to say goodbye to Pei Ling’s flat mole that is situated at the very center of her cheek.

To jumpstart the procedure, Pei Ling’s cheek gets cleaned off and applied with numbing cream. As soon as the numbing cream takes effect, the CO2 laser is administered on the unwanted mole. I’m astonished at how fast this treatment seems to be as Pei Ling says that the procedure goes “Zap zap and done.” I think it took longer to wait for the numbing cream to take effect than to get rid of the mole!

“Zap zap and done!”
“Zap zap and done!”

After the procedure, the doctor took 3-5 minutes to sanitize the wound. A tiny plaster was placed on the wound to help hasten the healing process. Pei Ling shares that the wound looked like a pimple on her face.

The mole was replaced by a slight discoloration that will eventually fade after a few months.
The mole was replaced by a slight discoloration that will eventually fade after a few months.

Fast-forward to 7 days, Pei Ling reports that her wound has healed although there is still a bit of redness on the area, which the mole once was. The doctor advised that the redness would eventually fade after a few months. There is no downtime mentioned as well.

Unfortunately, Pei Ling did not include the cost of treatment in her article. If you wish to learn more about the details concerning Pei Ling’s speedy mole removal experience, you may read them on her blog: Peony Kiss.

Mole Removal by Poopiemookie

Blogger Poopiemookie decided to have the mole on her forehead removed and chose a clinic that used a hydrocolloid plaster as part of its aftercare treatment.

Although barely noticeable, Poopiemookie’s forehead mole bugs her enough that she wants it removed.

As soon as she arrived in the clinic, Poopiemookie shares that she was given a questionnaire to answer before getting her face cleansed and prepped up for the mole removal procedure. Once this was completed a facial scan was done using the clinic’s VISIA machine. The facial scan results were used by the doctor to explain the condition of Poopiemookie’s skin.

Numbing cream plus cling film helps eradicate the pain during the mole removal procedure.
Numbing cream plus cling film helps eradicate the pain during the mole removal procedure.

Moving on, Poopiemookie narrates the different stages of her mole removal procedure. First, the mole on her forehead was covered with numbing cream and cling film. This was left to saturate the area for 20 minutes. The laser treatment of her mole ensued. There was no mention of the kind of laser used for this procedure and, likewise, no photos are available.

Do not be alarmed. The plaster’s swelling means that the skin is healing well.
Do not be alarmed. The plaster’s swelling means that the skin is healing well.

To complete the treatment, the hydrocolloid plaster was placed on top of the treated area. As aftercare, the plaster is to be replaced every 2 days. The following day, the plaster on the wound ballooned on Poopiemookie’s forehead. She mentions that this was a normal reaction that apparently helps with the healing of the wound. After a few more days the plaster comes off and you can see that the area where the wound was is almost healed without any trace that a mole once existed.

Amazing results! You can’t even tell a mole was once on the forehead of Poopiemookie!
Amazing results! You can’t even tell a mole was once on the forehead of Poopiemookie!

For treatment costs, Poopemookie mentions in the comment section of her blog that she paid $50 for the consultation and $100 for the mole removal.

Here’s the link to Poopiemookie’s entire blog on her mole removal experience.

Rejuran Healer Reviews From Singapore Bloggers

Men generally have more and larger pores than women.
Men generally have more and larger pores than women.

Have you ever looked closely at the face of babies and wished you had the same flawless and pore-less skin as you age?

Let’s face it. None of us is blessed with perfect skin.

Skin type varies from person to person. It can be dry, oily, or a combination of both. Generally, Asian skin is prone to producing more oil, as compared to African or Western people. This is one of the reasons attributing to the existence of those blasted pimples (can you relate?). Also, the melanin present in Asian skin is considerably higher than other race, which makes us more susceptible to hyperpigmentation.

I would like to believe that the “Fountain of Youth” exists, but the sad fact is it doesn’t. No matter what we do, nature gets the best of us as we grow OLD—especially our skin! So, in the hopes of preserving youthful beauty and glow, I went on an Internet quest to learn more about the latest craze I have been hearing about: a miracle healer injection that rejuvenates our skin back to having a baby face!

Curious? Read on to find out what Singapore bloggers have to say about their Rejuran Healer Treatment experience!

I Did Rejuran and the Results Were Shocking! by Jpglicious

My expectations on Rejuran Healer already went up a notch and I haven’t even started reading her piece. The title of her blog review seems to scream about major positive results! If you are suffering from extremely dry skin, this review from Yuna J Cass of Jpglicious is definitely a treat.

Yuna starts off her review with an introduction to her facial flaws. She posts a close-up shot of her face and mapped out her skin problems: dryness, flaking, peeling, redness, sagging, and enlarged pores! She shares that her skin has certain “moods” and that on normal days her skin texture is dry on the sides and oily on the T-zone. Hydration is one of the causes of her skin’s excessive dryness and hydrating masks no longer works on her face.

Yuna’s desperation to find a cure was answered when one reader of her blog recommended Rejuran to her.

Rejuran, as Yuna shares, is a skin repair treatment that contains salmon DNA. She also enumerates the different benefits of Rejuran.

Yuna reveals that Rejuran involves small injections on the face. (Yes, this procedure is not for the faint of heart!) At the start of her procedure, a numbing cream was applied to her face. Yuna asked for extra painkillers since she had low pain tolerance. The numbing cream was left for 30 minutes on her face to take effect.

rejuran healer

Next step, INJECTION! Her face was injected with Rejuran solution. Yuna comments that this procedure was done in 10-15 minutes. She likened the pain she felt to an ant bite or a pimple being popped. Some parts of the face that are sensitive, like the sides of the face and nose, experienced more pain than the others.

As with any beauty procedure: no pain, no gain!
As with any beauty procedure: no pain, no gain!

After the injections, Yuna’s face looked like bees have stung it! There were small bumps called blebs, which she says helps in generating collagen in the skin. Most of the blebs usually disappear after the treatment, while those that remain shrinks the following day. There is no mention of downtime or aftercare needed after treatment.

Yuna’s skin goes from drab to fab!

Yuna discloses that Rejuran Healer made her skin glow and she didn’t suffer from dryness, redness, and flaking! As seen in her photo, her skin drastically changed within 2 weeks following her Rejuran treatment! Her face looks radiant, well hydrated, and flawless!

Indeed, as Yuna’s blog title goes, the results are shocking! To read more about her treatment, click here!

My Rejuran Journey by Kristen Chen

Blogger Kristen Chen shares her search for a treatment that would tackle the root of her skin problems. The result of her last aesthetic procedure was already wearing off due to poor lifestyle choices and stress! She was keen on undergoing treatment with outcomes that are not temporary, so she turns to Rejuran Skin Healer for help.

Kristen’s Rejuran treatment begins with a doctor’s consultation. The doctor assessed her facial needs and commented that Rejuran would bring improvement on her acne scars as well as strengthen and bring healing to her skin.

Kristen’s face before Rejuran.

Kristen gets prepped up for her Rejuran treatment following the consultation. Her face gets cleaned and numbing cream is applied. A cling wrap is placed over her face, although the science to this step was not explained. The plastic film was removed and the numbing cream was cleansed after some time.

Numbing cream to numb the pain away!
Numbing cream to numb the pain away!

The Rejuran liquid was then injected into Kristen’s face manually. She explains that the doctor used an injection instead of a “gun” (which is used for another treatment) as the injection is more precise and the needle is able to penetrate through the skin without wasting the liquid. Kristen felt slight stinging when the liquid was injected on the skin below her eyes. Aside from this, she felt no pain at all.

The Rejuran liquid gets injected manually to ensure precision and avoid waste.
The Rejuran liquid gets injected manually to ensure precision and avoid waste.

Kristen’s procedure took 20 minutes to finish. To eliminate puffiness and discoloration on her face, a special mask was covered over her face. Little bumps filled Kristen’s face after finishing the treatment, but she says that the bumps will fade the day after. As a tip, Kristen advises to keep the skin moisturised and protected with sunscreen. Redness may still be present a day after the treatment, but it can be touched up with makeup.

Redness on Kristen’s face are still visible a day after the treatment.
Redness on Kristen’s face are still visible a day after the treatment.

The results of Rejuran Healer on Kristen’s face began to be noticeable a week later. Her skin looks hydrated and her facial lines smoothened out. As a matter of fact, Kristen was so happy of the results of Rejuran that she already booked 2 more treatments!

A week after the treatment and Kristen’s face looks healthier!
A week after the treatment and Kristen’s face looks healthier!

If you want to be more convinced of Kristen’s Rejuran journey, read her blog here.

I Tried a $4,500 Skin Healing Treatment by Laura M

Laura M’s review of her Rejuran procedure is just short and there are no photos of her procedure. But of all the blogs I’ve mentioned in this article, this is the only one that mentioned the cost of Rejuran Healer treatment. And, by golly, it’s a whopping $4,500.00! Now, I am not quire sure if the same goes for the rest. Of course, it’s best to inquire thoroughly first before jumping in for the treatment.

The microneedle on the left is used to inject the Rejuran liquid into the skin.
The microneedle on the left is used to inject the Rejuran liquid into the skin.

Laura’s treatment started with the usual application of the numbing cream. However, her neck also received some lathering apart from her face. After this step, Rejuran was administered to her face using a microinjection. She does not mention anything about pain, so I’m thinking the numbing cream did its job perfectly well. To end her procedure, her face was saturated with vitamins through an ultrasound. I wonder if this is similar to the hydrating mask applied in the other Rejuran procedures. All in all, Laura’s treatment took a quick 20 minutes to finish. Aside from redness, she mentions nothing about horrible aftermaths happening to her face after receiving several needle pokes.

As Laura shares, the effects of Rejuran are not visible immediately after the treatment, not like when you get fillers. As her doctor explained, the results will be gradual as the skin heals from within. Skin improvement will appear in 3-5 days later.

Rejuran takes years off the face! Say hello to baby face!
Rejuran takes years off the face! Say hello to baby face!

The results? Amazing supple and healthy-looking skin! Her photos show how her skin progressively improved from being dull to full! Her fine lines and acne marks faded, and over 6 sessions of Rejuran her skin looked younger!

Head on to Laura’s review to know more about her experience. It’s a fairly quick read—probably quicker than the Rejuran treatment itself!

Rejuran Skin Healer is Great On Me by William Tan

Women bloggers usually do most aesthetic reviews and I have often wondered whether the treatment they get on their faces are compatible to men. The skin on men’s face is thicker by composition compared to women’s and they have more pores, too. I was so happy to have stumbled upon William Tan’s blog review on Rejuran Skin Healer as some of my questions will be finally put to rest. I am sure men readers are just as curious as me, so here’s a treat!

William discloses in his blog that having enlarged pores is just one of his many skin problems. To address this, he sets of to undergo a session of Rejuran Healer after hearing its benefits that include: anti-ageing, exceptional skin regeneration, and skin smoothness among others.

Men generally have more and larger pores than women.
Men generally have more and larger pores than women.

Before the procedure gets under way, William shares that the doctor assessed his face. Following this, numbing cream was daubed all over the skin on his face and covered with cling film. This is to ensure that he does not feel any pain during the entire procedure. As the cream takes effect, the doctor proceeds to inject the Rejuran liquid on his face.

Rejuran is carefully injected to the target areas on the face.

For his treatment, the liquid was injected on his cheeks (where the dreadful ginormous pores are!) and forehead area. Tiny bumps that look like hives become visible on the areas where the injection penetrated his skin. To soothe and lessen the redness of his skin, William discloses that a mask infused with linseed and aloe vera extract was placed over his face.

And the results are in! Drumroll please…

The smoothness and suppleness of William’s skin is evident!
The smoothness and suppleness of William’s skin is evident!

William comments that the improvements on his skin were progressive.  Within the first month after the treatment his skin looked radiant and hydrated. Coming into the second month, William shares some of Rejuran’s effects on his skin: improved elasticity, clear complexion, and most importantly, smaller pores!

Downtime was not a problem after his treatment, as he did not need any, though this may vary from patient to patient.

Check out William’s write up on Rejuran on his blogsite, Only William.

Mbrace Aligners In Singapore – 7 Things to Know About (2019)

asian girl is holding MBrace aligners

Clear aligners have recently gained a popular following from Singaporeans who want straighter teeth without the inconvenience of traditional (and a bit more painful!) metal braces. There are a lot of brands available in the market, however, there are two most prominent ones that are usually chosen by dental patients. You will be surprised to know that one of them is locally sourced in the country!

This product is no other than Mbrace!

A lot of people mistake Invisalign and Mbrace as one for the other. To set the records straight, here are facts about Mbrace that differentiates it from the imported brand.

Introducing Mbrace

Mbrace Dental aligner

Mbrace is a brand of clear aligners that are designed, developed, and produced in Singapore. Dr Keith Wong and Prof. The Bin Tean of Dentalthon Medtech Pte founded it in 2014. Ltd.

Although Mbrace is very recent in the dental seen as compared to Invisalign, the company has seen an expansion of its clear aligners in other countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.


As compared to Invisalign, Mbrace is remarkably cheaper by approximately $1,500 to $2,000.  The average cost of a complete treatment of Mbrace clear aligners is $5,000 to $7,000.

You may have noticed the significant disparity between the pricing of the two braces. Why is Mbrace cheaper than Invisalign? You wonder.

Mbrace is much cheaper compared to Invisalign because the clear aligners, as said, are fabricated locally. A big chunk of the cost savings when choosing Mbrace over Invisalign is credited to Mbrace’s laboratories that are located in Singapore. This means that the mapping out of a patient’s full course of treatment does not have to be shipped off and be developed overseas.

An Invisalign treatment, on the other hand, will have to pass through two countries (Mexico and Costa Rica) for the production of the clear aligners.

When scouting for an Mbrace accredited clinic for treatment, do note that each clinic will offer different rates for pricing. Always inquire about what is included in the packages being offered and payment options as well.

Basic Cost Inclusions 

dental costs

A regular Mbrace package quotation should include pre-treatment bite registration and patient’s photograph for profiling, dental x-rays, and your teeth’s moulds.

Other Items Affecting Mbrace Costs

As you may have noticed, the cost of Mbrace is based on a price range and not on a specific amount. There are several reasons for this.

First, the laboratories where the clear aligners are developed and manufactured belong to Mbrace. The dentists are paying for all the materials and equipment used in the labs; therefore they follow the company’s given rates. If the company decides to multiply on costs, then these price adjustments trickle down to the charges of the dental practitioners.

Next, the number of aligners needed for the treatment relies solely on the intricacy of a patient’s dental condition. If the misalignment is severely complicated, then expect that more aligners and extended time will be needed for your treatment. Of course, extended time would mean more trips going back to the clinic for follow-up appointments, which will entail you to shell out more cash.

Often times, the dentist may note additional requirements or enhancements to your treatment plan, such as interproximal reduction. This process is done to improve a patient’s jaw bite, as well as create enough space for teeth movement when the aligners are set in place.

In addition, the type of dental practitioner you choose may contribute to your treatment’s expense. Both dentists and orthodontists can practice Mbrace treatment as along as they have successfully finished the course required by the company.  However, do note that orthodontists may charge higher compared to general dentists as they have taken additional years of learning and specializing in the structure and function of the teeth’s mechanical movement.

I am afraid that there are no options available when it comes to greatly lessening the costs of Mbrace’s treatment. Medisave only covers medical procedures relating to surgeries, which Mbrace is obviously not. On the other hand, dental insurances normally do not include cosmetic or orthodontic treatments in their coverage.

Mbrace Treatment Package

dental clinic singapore

This is what you can anticipate once you have found the right doctor to do your Mbrace treatment:

  • During the consultation, your dentist should be able to evaluate you based on the basic inclusions mentioned earlier (e.g. dental x-rays, pre-treatment patient photographs and bite registration, teeth moulds).
  • Treatment Plan. After the evaluation, the dentist will formulate your Mbrace treatment plan. The plan should be presented to you and your approval to the proposal is needed to proceed with the production of Mbrace clear aligners that are to be used in sequence.
  • Use of Mbrace Aligners. As soon as you receive your first pair of Mbrace aligners, use them at least 20 to 22 hours daily for 2 weeks before moving on to its replacement. During this period, patients will need succeeding appointments to the dentist to monitor the progress of the teeth’s movement.
  • End of Treatment. As soon as you have successfully completed all sets of your Mbrace clear aligners, your dentist will issue you a pair of retainers. The retainers are to be worn in order to avoid relapse that may result in misalignment for a second time.

In Summary

My advice for patients who want to scrimp on costs is to do research on the different Mbrace packages offered by clinics. This may take a bit of time and effort, but to land on a package that best fits your budget and getting the straight teeth that you want are great rewards in the end. Likewise, it is vital to find a dentist that looks after the welfare of the patient more than focusing on profit. Dentists that are honest when it comes to their competencies and those that are able to recommend better alternatives, such as getting traditional braces if need be or recommending a colleague more well-versed on your condition, are your best bet in getting optimal Mbrace treatment results.

A List of Acne Scar Treatments as Reviewed by Singapore Bloggers

A closer look on Yvonne’s face shows scars that vary in depth and shape.
A closer look on Yvonne’s face shows scars that vary in depth and shape.

Acne, if there was one thing that I dreaded in getting, it is acne. A lot of us have had our own bouts with acne at one point in our lives. The height of getting acne usually comes during the puberty age. There are a few who are able to dodge getting their face peppered with pimples during this time only to get them years down the line. Yes, people. There is such thing as adult acne.

Asian skin is more prone to acne due to its composition. Asian faces have very active pores that produce too much oil and sebum. Overcoming acne is easier nowadays, given all the beauty treatments and facials available in the market.

One of the disheartening aftermaths brought about by breakouts are the marks they leave on the face—ACNE SCARS!

Acne scars come in different forms, shapes, and depth on the skin. I have not yet heard of a specific facial procedure that targets all scars in one sitting. In fact, if your scars vary greatly you might have to try several treatments to address each kind. So, in an effort to make your life easier (and to avoid getting stress-induced acne!) here are some blog reviews covering a variety of acne scar treatments in Singapore!

Infini Fractional Radiofrequency for Depressed Acne Scars in Singapore by Cindity

Blogger Cindy of Cindity shares her terrible experience with acne during her teenage years. Her acne left scars on her face after not being able to take proper care of her skin during her breakouts. Her collection of acne scars is comprised of boxcar and icepick scars.

For her treatment, Cindy chose the Infini microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency system. According to her, this treatment is recommended for Asian skin as it lessens the risk of getting hyperpigmentation from inflammations that may result from the procedure after. To note, Asian skin is more prone to discolouration as compared to others.

The numbing cream effectively shields Cindy from feeling the pain from the needles’ pricking on her skin.
The numbing cream effectively shields Cindy from feeling the pain from the needles’ pricking on her skin.

I won’t go into details as to how the Infini Fractional Radiofrequency works, so we are jumping in directly to Cindy’s acne scar removal procedure!

(You may read a detailed explanation on Infini RF on Cindy’s blog.)

To begin Cindy’s treatment, two coatings of numbing cream were applied to her face. She mentions that on top of this her cheeks were injected with local anaesthesia on both sides. After which the doctor proceeds with 4 repetitions of Infini microneedling on the areas wherein the scars are prominent. The needles used were of different lengths to ensure that it penetrates the depths of the scars. Cindy’s treatment lasted only for 15 minutes. She likens microneedling to a stapler but does not remark on any pain or discomfort during the treatment.

Slight redness can be seen on Cindy’s glowing face after the treatment.

Recovery time took only 2 days and the only discomfort that Cindy encountered was redness on her cheeks. An antibiotic and serum were prescribed for her to use following the treatment. In addition, Cindy instructs to use SPF25 sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun.

Scars have definitely improved 3 months after Cindy’s Infini treatment.
Scars have definitely improved 3 months after Cindy’s Infini treatment.

Cindy shares that her box scars have improved. The edges appeared to be softer and dents have elevated. Optimum results are achieved after 4-6 months from the initial treatment.

Ematrix Treatment by Yvonne

Yvonne’s acne scars were caused by her skin’s sensitivity to dust, clogged pores, and oily skin that resulted in breakouts. Years after her skin healed from acne, her scars never found the time to move on.

In the hopes of banishing her acne scars, Yvonne turns to the Ematrix Treatment.
In the hopes of banishing her acne scars, Yvonne turns to the Ematrix Treatment.

So goes Yvonne’s story and her hunt to find the right acne scar treatment to banish the memories of the past from her face. In her search, Yvonne settled for Ematrix Treatment.

Starting of her treatment, Yvonne shares that her face was cleansed thoroughly from makeup. Next, a generous amount of numbing cream was applied to her face. Once the sensation from her face dissipated her face was subjected to another round of thorough cleansing.

Skin discoloration appears as soon as the machine passes through the target areas
Skin discolouration appears as soon as the machine passes through the target areas

Damp cotton was placed over the eyes of Yvonne prior to the administration of the procedure. As the treatment progressed, Yvonne mentions feeling slight pain as tiny needles jabbed on her skin. Redness was observed on her skin after the first round of treatment. Yvonne discloses that another round of the treatment was done on her skin to address the deeper acne scars and to promote collagen production.

The cooling gel is applied to ease the burning sensation after one round of treatment.

To ease the flushing of her face, a soothing balm was spread on the areas where the machine passed through. The final phase of her acne scar removal process was the application of a seaweed mask to cool her skin and lessen its discolouration and swelling. Before leaving the clinic, a layer of moisturizer and BB cream was applied to her face.

Yvonne discloses that her skin’s pores appeared to be larger due to the treatment. The redness did not subside and was even more visible 2 days following the acne scar removal session. Her face felt stinging even when she used the most delicate facial wash on her skin. The discolouration started to subside on the 3rd day after the treatment and scabs began to form as well.

Scars are still evident after the skin has healed on Yvonne’s face.

A month and a half after her Ematrix treatment, Yvonne discloses that her skin did not receive many results as her acne scars and pores were still noticeable.

Although the acne scars are still prominent, Yvonne’s skin looks radiant a month after the treatment
Although the acne scars are still prominent, Yvonne’s skin looks radiant a month after the treatment

To read more about the treatment is done on Yvonne’s acne scar removal, click on this link.

My Scar Treatment With Fractional CO2 Laser by Yvonne

Yvonne’s determination to free her skin from acne scars did not end with the Ematrix Treatment. In this blog, she reviews another acne scar removal procedure that uses Fractional CO2 Laser.

A closer look on Yvonne’s face shows scars that vary in depth and shape.
A closer look on Yvonne’s face shows scars that vary in depth and shape.

Yvonne’s doctor recommended this laser treatment after assessing her skin’s condition. During the publication of this post, she mentions that she has undergone 3 rounds of Fractional CO2 Laser.

As with any facial procedure, these basic steps are done at the very beginning: skin cleansing, numbing cream application, and removal of numbing cream after the recommended time of application have lapsed (usually 30 minutes). After all, those are cleared, the laser treatment starts.

No drastic improvements on Yvonne’s acne scars can be noted after the first treatment.
No drastic improvements on Yvonne’s acne scars can be noted after the first treatment.

Yvonne shares that her doctor determined the strength of the laser beam used on her face. As the laser touched her skin, no pain was felt thanks to the help of the numbing cream. However, Yvonne started to feel flushing on her face as soon as the laser treatment ended. To ease the prickling pain, Yvonne suggests staying in a cool place or applying a cold mask over the face.

Results of Yvonne’s second session show her skin looking more radiant and smooth.

There was a lot of micro peeling involved after her first procedure. This treatment made Yvonne’s skin look healthier. She says that her skin was brighter, her pores more refined and her scars less depressed.

During the succeeding treatments, Yvonne shares that her doctor amplified the power of the laser used on her skin. Right after her second treatment, her skin’s redness was more evident but it only lasted temporarily. Yvonne notes that her face got dehydrated easily. Because of this, her pores became more obvious. She combated this with the use of hydration masks.

Gradual changes in Yvonne’s acne scar are noticeable through the progress of her treatments.

On her third treatment, scabs formed on her face after the procedure. Her skin tone was obviously imbalanced and looked like she has hyperpigmentation. Not to worry though, as Yvonne assures that things will get back to normal as the skin heals and scabs start to fall off the face.

There was no mention of the cost for this treatment. For downtime, Yvonne discloses in the comment section of her blog that it normally takes 4-5 days for the skin to recover. She also includes the products that she was prescribed with as aftercare for her skin. Yvonne shares that, although her skin is far from perfection, she is much happier with its outcome after this treatment.

Read more of this acne removal experience here.

Acne Scar Treatment: CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing & Infini Scar Treatment by Seth Lui

If you think that it’s only women who suffer from skin impurities, think again! In Seth Lui’s blog, he shares about how he experienced acne breakouts when he was still a teen. As a remembrance, acne scars are visible on his face now that he is an adult. Seth Lui decided to look into treatments to remove his acne scars due to the media exposure he needs to do for his work. His acne removal experience is broken down into two separate articles.

For his acne removal treatment, Seth Lui shares that his doctor recommended a combination of Fractional CO2 laser and Infini Scar Treatment during the consultation. The initial laser is used to treat the scarring on the skin’s surface while the latter targets the deeper scars.

Seth Lui shares that the procedure is pretty basic for Fractional CO2 laser. It consists of 3 steps: facial cleansing, numbing cream administration, laser treatment. The laser treatment itself takes a quick 20 minutes to finish.

Fractional CO2 laser only targets the scarring present on the surface of the skin.
Fractional CO2 laser only targets the scarring present on the surface of the skin.

As the laser is used to treat Seth Lui’s skin, he mentions that it was mostly painless. For men, however, Seth Lui says that pain can be felt when the laser passes through the skin where they can grow a moustache or beard. Apparently, areas that grow hair follicles are more sensitive to laser beams. I have not encountered any complaints on this on women’s blogs, so I guess this applies generally to men. Seth Lui says that the feeling of pain will depend on a patient’s threshold. Also, the stronger the intensity of the beam used, the pain will be greater but the results will be more effective.

Expect that your skin will look sunburned every after the session. This is why a downtime of 5 days or more is needed, as there will also be scabbing that will happen as a result of the treatment. If skin discolouration or discomfort does not bother you at all, then I guess you can get back to your usual work—just be sure to take all precautions your doctor recommends regarding aftercare.

Expect to have sunburnt-looking skin every after treatment.

Costs for Fractional CO2 laser varies according to the number of sessions you need to undergo. For 1 session the charge is $650, for five sessions $490 per session, and $390 per session for 10 rounds of treatment.

As mentioned, Seth Lui also underwent the Infini Scar Treatment system. This is more effective for targeting deeper scars. Unlike laser, this treatment uses microneedles for acne scar removal.

Preparations done before the procedure proper is almost the same: cleansing, numbing cream application (do note that for this treatment the numbing cream was left for 40 minutes instead of the usual 30), and a local anaesthetic injection, which is optional.

These needles get stamped on the skin to reach the deeper dents caused by depressed scars.
These needles get stamped on the skin to reach the deeper dents caused by depressed scars.

The Infini machine works similar to a stapler. The microneedles are pressed onto the target areas repetitively. Seth Lui confesses that this procedure is much more painful as compared to the laser treatment. His agony, which only lasted for 10-15 minutes, felt like a lifetime of torture!

Microneedles get “stapled” painfully on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

As compared to the laser treatment, Seth Lui commends Infini more because the results were more evident right after finishing the treatment. Downtime is also not a problem as there is no scabbing involved.

Your face will be looking like a plump tomato for a bit of time after microneedling.

To set expectations straight, Seth Lui reveals that there is a need for succeeding treatments in order to achieve optimum results. The treatments have to be spaced one month from each other to allow the skin to heal.

Infini costs $2,550 for one session and $2,000 for two.

Seth Lui’s before and after photo shows significant changes after a combination of the laser and microneedle treatments.

Seth Lui’s blog offers a much more extensive explanation of each procedure done, so if you have more time to spare you may read them here.

That sums up our list on acne scar removal! These are just a few of the treatments available in Singapore, but hopefully, the details shared here are able to make your life easier as you search for the perfect treatment to eradicate those pesky acne scars! Good luck!

Lasers Alone Aren’t Enough for Acne Scars

Acne Scars laser treatment during the procedure

Scars are the most stubborn obstacles to clear, smooth skin. Pigmentation can be troublesome, and melasma can be difficult to fully eradicate, but scars cannot be readily concealed.

I have a personal interest in treating acne and acne scars, having battled acne as a teenager. Most people waged the same battle; many of us have suffered scars from other sources as well.

Many of my patients come to me after having tried various forms of laser therapy, to no avail. Some have grown frustrated after frequent laser treatments left their scarring unresolved; others hadn’t found a doctor who could fit an effective treatment into their busy schedules.

Most of these patients had been treated with traditional CO2 fractional-laser therapy, for years the industry standard for treating acne scars.

Although their frustrations take various forms, they tend to spring from a single, simple cause: CO2 laser treatments do not treat every type of scar. If your doctor insists on treating your entire face using only fractional CO2 laser therapy, you may not be getting the careful attention you deserve.

Different Scars, Different Treatments

Facial scars are most commonly due to acne. Other causes include herpes zosters, surgery or injury. Acne alone can cause up to seven types of scars, shown below. It takes a fully trained and exceptionally diligent doctor to accurately diagnose each type of scar affecting each patient.

Each type of scar requires a precise and specific treatment. For example, fractional CO2 therapy is not an effective treatment for deep- and shallow-pit, or ice-pick, scars.

No two patients have exactly the same type and severity of scarring. With careful attention and the right equipment at hand, though, an experienced doctor can greatly improve the appearance of any kind of acne scar.

I believe that acne scar treatments require a bespoke plan based on skin type, scar type, lifestyle and cost concerns. That’s the only way I have been able to deliver my patients the results they seek and deserve.

A Complete Approach to Scar Treatment

My approach is based on precise diagnosis and personalised treatment for each and every scar. I begin by taking detailed photographs, which I use to identify each scar. I then label each scar according to its nature and severity. This gives me a detailed map of the challenge ahead and an idea of which combination of treatments would work best together.

Because I treat each scar as its own challenge, my options are limited only by the current state of medical technology. I use lasers, chemical peels, subcision, and fillers to ensure that each scar receives the care it demands.

Each program of treatment takes 3-12 months to complete, depending on the number, characteristics, and severity of each patient’s scars.

That’s just an overview of my approach. Let’s look at some case studies to learn more about how it works.

Acne Scars asian boy

Case #1:

This patient was an Asian male businessman with generalised acne scarring. He was eager to improve his skin’s texture but was unable to set aside more than 2-3 days for recovery. He is an avid athlete, and hoped to resume outdoor activity within days of his treatment; he also had an important meeting in one week and did not wish to display any signs of recovery.

Scar Type Treatment Sessions
Ice pick scars TCA peel 2-3
Subcision + Filler 2-3
Rolling scars Infini RF 2-3
PicoPlus Triple Depth 2-3
Boxcar scars Fractional CO2 2-3
Sublative 2-3


To make ideal use of his time, I combined three or more types of treatment in each clinic visit and prioritised treatments with less downtime for his first session. In the end, he was happy with the results and fully recovered for his meeting.

Case #2:

This patient was a 29-year-old female with rolling scars and boxcar scars, seeking to improve her skin within the four months leading up to her wedding. Like patient #1, her schedule did not allow for the recovery time of more than 2-3 days.

To achieve her important long-term goal while allowing her to continue her busy lifestyle, I developed a treatment schedule that allows ample time for recovery:

Scar Type Treatment Sessions
Rolling scars Infini RF 2-3
PicoPlus Triple Depth 2-3
Rejuran Healer 1-2
Boxcar scars Fractional CO2 2-3
Sublative 1-2


As her primary concern was with recovery time, I selected treatments with minimal downtime while ensuring that she got her desired results by her wedding day.
Two patients, each with acne scars. But that’s where the similarity ended. Because each patient had unique goals and conditions, and because acne scars present themselves in so many different forms, their treatment plans were completely customised.

Acne Scars asian girl

Which Doctors Offer This Approach?

Frankly, I think every patient deserves the kind of consideration I show to mine. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t offer such a painstaking approach. In my experience, this is down to four main reasons, each of which you can mitigate:


A personalised approach requires a detailed consultation to understand the patient’s goals, lifestyle and preferences. In addition, doctors need to manually map each scar, and develop a treatment schedule accordingly. Too many doctors consider such time-consuming steps not to be worth the trouble. If you consult a doctor who suggests a more generalized approach, you might want to keep looking.


To offer truly personalised service, a clinic must be equipped with the latest lasers, peels and fillers. Such supplies are expensive, and most clinics don’t provide the full range of options. A given clinic may try to hide this fact by asserting that only a certain narrow range of options is worth pursuing. Don’t be fooled. Only a doctor who has invested in a truly complete range of therapies is able to choose the very best one for each scar he treats.


Complete scar treatment requires meticulous diagnosis and precise treatments that target each scar individually. It also requires in-depth knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each treatment. In other words, it’s not enough merely to have purchased a wide range of equipment: your doctor must choose wisely from that range.

Recovery Support

Treatment of most scars isn’t terribly painful, but it does represent a change that your body must accommodate. The more support your body receives during recovery, the better the long-term results tend to be. Make sure that your doctor understands this, and is ready to develop a treatment programme that includes a detailed recovery component.

No two faces are alike, and finding the right combination of therapies for any given patient’s array of acne scars is a demanding proposition. It takes a great deal of time and patience to customise an effective program for each individual.

And it’s worth the effort.

Why Your Pigmentation Didn’t Improve After Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment for pigmentation results asian girl face

Even though I work with lasers every day, consult regularly with engineers developing new laser technologies, and study the efforts of scientists to test the application of lasers, I’ve never lost my sense of wonder about them.

Most people feel similarly: lasers are all around us, but there’s still something intriguing and mysterious about them. Which can lead us to expect a bit too much from them at times?

Take laser treatment for skin-pigmentation issues. Many of my new patients come to me after trying a session or two of laser treatments elsewhere, and wonder why they haven’t seen the results they were after.

The truth is, most patients of qualified doctors are perfectly happy with the results of their laser treatments. Finding the right one can take some time, but it’s worth the effort.

Word of mouth and online reviews can help guide you toward the experienced, responsible doctor who’s right for you. But secondhand opinions should be supplemented by your own research.

Ask prospective doctors about their specific experience in treating pigmentation. And be sure to learn about the type(s) of lasers available at each clinic for treating pigmentation issues. Also consider an underappreciated factor: chemistry. Singapore is full of good doctors and medical staff. Focus on finding a team who you’re comfortable with and who understands you well.

If you have found a doctor you like and still have not gotten the results you’re after, consider these three factors as you plan your next treatment programme.

What could be reasons for your pigmentation not to improve after laser treatment?

UV Exposure

Because your skin is particularly sensitive after laser treatments, protecting yourself from sunlight, or avoiding it altogether, is a vital safeguard before and after each procedure. Chances are good that ultraviolet (UV) exposure contributed at least a bit to the condition you just treated. Don’t let UV exposure undo all the progress you’ve made. You’ve invested in your skin; protect your investment.

At a minimum, be prepared to avoid direct sunlight for three days after laser therapy. After that, apply sunscreen every four to six hours until your skin has fully recovered from treatment.

laser treatment for pigmentation sun exposure asian girl with sun glasses and a hat

Misapplied Laser Treatments

I’ll let you in on an industry secret.

Run-of-the-mill laser clinics tend to use the lowest power settings on their lasers. This allows them to charge less per session…but each procedure also accomplishes less. As a result, such clinics ask their patients to come more frequently, up to three times per week.

Although each procedure might be less expensive than a more fully qualified doctor would charge—$60-$80 per session—the long-term cost is often more expensive.

Cost isn’t the only thing that you should be concerned about with such frequent treatments. The risk of complications can be greatly increased in these situations. Research proves that overly frequent laser sessions using Q-switched Nd:Yag lasers can cause complications like mottled hypopigmentation, or white spots.

These can take years to resolve. In certain cases, the condition may be irreversible.

I only perform laser treatment for pigmentation removal every 3-4 weeks. This is consistent with published research, and I have found that it gives patients the most effective balance between intensive treatment and complete, comfortable recovery.

Don’t be fooled by clinics hoping to sell you a long, uncomfortable battery of treatments. At safe and effective power settings, you should never be asked to undergo laser-treatment sessions several times a week.

laser treatment for pigmentation asian girl during the procedure

Using the Wrong Laser

Patients and even doctors themselves tend to fixate on certain types or brands of a laser. I love learning about new technologies, but it’s important to keep a broad mind about these things.
The equipment is important, but even more vital are the doctor’s skill, training, and experience.
Two types of lasers are commonly used for pigmentation removal: Q-switched Nd:Yag lasers and picosecond lasers. Each has its advocates; most doctors are loyal to just one.
Which is why I use both.

I find that picosecond lasers (often shortened to “pico lasers”) are more effective for complex, stubborn pigmentation. This is borne out in the professional literature. For example, a Taiwanese research study on melasma (a challenging pigmentation anomaly) showed that picosecond lasers achieve a “faster and better clearance rate” as compared to Q-switched nanosecond lasers. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29732522)

However, Q-switched lasers are effective against simple pigmentation while requiring less recovery time. A patient wishing to remove freckles, for instance, can reasonably expect the same results from either approach. In cases like these, picosecond lasers may be unnecessarily aggressive, and the longer recovery times involved may invite unneeded complications.

Figure: Picosecond lasers like Lutronic’sPicoPluscan break pigmentation particles into smaller fragments than older nanosecond lasers. Smaller particles are more easily removed by your body.

Aesthetic doctors have more options than ever when it comes to treating pigmentation issues. Your doctor should know each option in depth and should choose the one that best addresses your specific condition.

The Ultimate Guide To Ptosis

Ptosis stitches

While many people may think drooping eyelids are simply a cosmetic issue, it can actually be a medical condition. The term for this is ptosis, and it can happen to anyone. The severity of the drooping of the upper eyelid varies among my patients. Some patients want to undergo surgery for aesthetic reasons, but for many ptosis can greatly affect their daily lives by obstructing their vision. In this post, I hope to help you understand the causes of ptosis, how to seek treatment in Singapore, and the factors that affect the cost of correction surgery.

The Causes

Ptosis is caused by issues with the levator muscle, the muscle that controls the eyelid. The muscle is like a rubber band that stretches and contracts to allow you to open your eye to varying degrees. This muscle can weaken over time and become less elastic. There are five main reasons for this:

  1. Aponeurotic – The muscle becomes detached due to ageing or excessive rubbing and pulling of the eyelid.
  2. Mechanical – The eyelids are weighed down by an extra skin, fat, or a tumour on the upper eyelid.
  3. Traumatic – Injury to the upper eyelid weakens the levator muscle.
  4. Neurogenic – The nerves controlling the muscle are not functioning properly.
  5. Myogenic – The muscle itself is not working properly.

In my own experience, the most common causes of ptosis are aponeurotic – when people rub or pull at their eyelids too much, or simply muscle deterioration due to ageing.

Ptosis bruising trauma

Seeking Treatment

Ptosis can affect people of any age, though it is more common in older age groups. Sometimes children are born with congenital upper eyelid ptosis and need correction surgery at a young age. Many of my patients seek treatment entirely for functional reasons such as improving their vision by removing an obstruction, eliminating the need to raise their eyebrows or tilt their head back to see, and reducing headaches caused by overusing their forehead muscles. Some patients seek treatment for aesthetic reasons, including larger-looking eyes, a more defined eyelid crease, and looking more awake and alert. Your doctor will customize your treatment based on the severity of the ptosis and your desired visual results.

Treatment Pricing

The cost of ptosis correction surgery in Singapore is usually quoted anywhere between $5,000 and $12,000. This does not include the cost of operating facility charges or anaesthesia. The real cost of the procedure will also depend on the severity of the ptosis and the techniques used. In less complex cases that require less anaesthesia, the cost will be on the lower end of the spectrum. Other factors that will drive up the cost are:

  • Procedure fee
  • Anaesthetist’s fee
  • Operating facilities fee
  • Surgical consumables
  • Stitch removal
  • Medication

Below I have provided answers to some common questions I receive about ptosis surgery.

Is ptosis correction surgery covered by insurance/Medisave?

As ptosis is a medical condition, the surgery qualifies for Medisave and insurance claims in Singapore. However, I require my patients to undergo a margin reflex distance (MRD) 1 test in order to see if they qualify for Medisave claims.

The MRD 1 test is what I use to assess the severity of the ptosis. There are three degrees of severity: good, medium, and poor. These are determined by how far the eyelid can move from closure to maximal opening, without needing to move the eyebrow. A normal person without ptosis can open their eyelids 12mm or more.

The eyelid’s movement is defined by these conditions:

  • Good eyelid function is a movement of more than 10mm
  • Medium eyelid function is movement between 5 to 10mm
  • Poor eyelid function is movement between 0 to 5mm

In order to be classified as ptosis and qualify for Medisave, the MRD has to be less than 2mm.

Ptosis different stages

What types of surgery are available in Singapore?

There are three main techniques to correct ptosis with surgery: suture, incisional, and frontalis suspension. The suture technique involves using stitches to secure the eyelid tissue as high as is needed to see clearly and without obstruction. This is usually the type I recommend to my patients with mild ptosis. During incisional correction, an incision is made along the eyelid crease (or where an eyelid crease will be created) to access the levator muscle and remove any extra fat or skin. Frontalis suspension is best for patients with severe ptosis when the eyelid muscle is too weak to be fixed by the other methods. Sutures are put in place to anchor eyelid tissue to muscles above the brow, much like a bridge held up by suspension cables.

Is there a way to treat ptosis without surgery?

Unfortunately, there is no other way to completely get rid of ptosis. The levator muscle controls the drooping of the eyes, and the only way to tighten this muscle is through surgery.

Is the surgery painful?

If you are worried about pain, ptosis surgery is done under local anaesthesia or sedation for patients with a low pain threshold. You shouldn’t feel any pain while under anaesthesia, and more anaesthetic can be injected throughout the surgery to prevent pain. If you opt to be sedated, you will need to be awakened to assess eyelid height after the surgery is performed.

Are the results of the surgery permanent?

For most cases, the surgery is permanent. About 10% of patients require post-surgery revision, but if your eyelid doesn’t droop and stays symmetrical a few months after the operation, then the results will likely be permanent and you won’t have to go in for a revision surgery.

What are the risks involved with this procedure?

Like any kind of surgery, there are always risks involved with ptosis correction. I once had a patient come in for a consultation because their previous ptosis surgery left them with one eye appearing much larger than the other. The surgeon who performed their surgery claimed he “was only responsible for lifting up the eyelid, not for making it look nice”.

Other complications from ptosis surgery include misdiagnosing the cause and thus performing the wrong procedure, abnormal scarring, sutures breaking, excessive bleeding or swelling, and infection. Any of these complications can interfere with the healing process and might result in the ptosis remaining or even worsening, as well as causing aesthetic damage. In my experience, patients who experience these problems were treated by doctors who weren’t properly trained to perform these procedures. The levator muscle is fragile and if proper care is not taken it can become even more damaged, so it is essential to find a good doctor who is trained to treat ptosis before committing to the surgery.

To ensure the best results from your surgery, your surgeon will need to be able to properly assess the severity of your ptosis and diagnose the real cause of it. The surgical technique used depends on the severity, so it is important that your doctor know which procedure is suitable for your specific case. Make sure you are seeking out an experienced and well-trained surgeon who can perform the operation quickly and efficiently to leave you with less bruising and a faster and more comfortable recovery.

How will my eyelid look post-surgery?

During your initial consultation, you’ll want to discuss with your doctor the desired appearance of your eyelid. This includes the height of the double crease as well as if you prefer it to be parallel or tapered towards your nose. While ptosis is a medical condition, the correction procedure also has aesthetic consequences so it is important that your doctor knows what you want.

Many patients ask me how noticeable the correction is post-surgery. A mild ptosis correction is a subtle improvement and will make you appear more awake and fresh. Once the incision has healed completely, the scar blends into the eyelid crease or existing wrinkle, and is hardly noticeable.

Ptosis results

At the beginning of your recovery, your eyelid may appear asymmetrical due to uneven swelling, but this should fade as you heal. This is why I recommend waiting around one month for the swelling to disappear fully before reassessing your condition. Most patients are satisfied with the results of their surgery, but some do require further surgery to correct mistakes. Additional surgery is needed if you want to adjust the height of the eyelid, symmetry of the crease, or the presence of excess skin or fat. While human bodies are never perfect and often asymmetrical, I believe in making every effort to make the eyes as symmetrical as possible, though it will never be absolutely perfect.

How long is the recovery period and what can I do to ensure I heal properly?

You may have bruises for a few weeks after surgery. Most patients resume normal activity a week after surgery, but it may take up to three months for your eyes to reach the desired appearance. In order to achieve your best results, do not rub your eyes after surgery. Apply cold compresses regularly on the first day after your surgery to reduce swelling, and apply warm compresses on the second day to stimulate blood circulation and reduce bruising. When sleeping, elevate your head above your heart. You should also complete a course of oral antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

How do I find the best surgeon for my procedure in Singapore?

Always do thorough research when looking into an important surgery like ptosis correction. If you know people who have had the procedure done, ask them about their experience and which doctor they saw. Look at before and after photos of a surgeon’s past patients to see what results they can provide. If you have friends in the medical field, ask for their recommendation. No doctor would risk their reputation to recommend an unqualified surgeon, so you can trust their suggestions. Even if you are consulting with a reputable plastic surgeon, make a point to ask questions to ensure they can properly diagnose and treat your individual needs.