Facial skin tightening treatment

Doctor explains why cheap Ultraformer HIFU in Singapore is bad

Come to think of it, a person’s age may or may not be obvious if we only base our judgment on the face. Poor...


choosing dermatologist

A Short Guide to Finding Your Dermatologist in Singapore

We, dermatologists, have a shared identity – as your first step forward in the long, winding road of skin care. This is true especially...
laser mole removal

Cost of Mole Removal in Singapore (by aesthetic doctor)

Recently, a couple of patients of mine were concerned about their moles and were thinking of having their moles removed. I told them that...


nose filler patient

I Had Another Go At Nose Fillers And I Am Happy...

Nose filler is a well-known non-surgical procedure, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, which uses injectable fillers to make the nose appear higher and more pointed....
Loh Ling Ying

Loh Ling Ying Review of Veritas Clinic Skin Treatment

Being an actor/model, my job consists of having different types of makeup on my face often and also maintaining good skin is a given...