Complete Guide to Liposuction in Singapore

How often have you lamented about your flabby arms or saggy midsection? “Oh, how I wish I could somehow melt my fats away,” is...


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Can Q-Switched Laser Remove Any Type of Pigmentation?

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Singapore Pricelist for Laser Treatment for Face

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Singapore Blog Reviews on Pico Lasers

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Bright and light! IPL removes all those unwanted hair and whitens the underarms, too!

Reviews on Hair Removal Treatments by Singapore Bloggers

Hair. We all have it. Some have an abundance of it. So abundant that they actually crawl all over the body instead of only...



Xinyi’s tattoo significantly changed and turned lighter after her first session.

Your Cheat Sheet on Tattoo Removal in Singapore

Tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea. Although times today have been more accepting of this art expression, some people who have them wake...