7 Facts About MBrace Aligners as Outlined by a Singapore Dental Practitioner

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7 Facts About MBrace Aligners as Outlined by a Singapore Dental Practitioner
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Singaporeans often mistake two popular clear teeth aligners as one for the other. These are Invisalign and Mbrace. You may read my article on the cost of Invisalign in one of my previous posts. This write-up is solely dedicated to Mbrace. Let’s get to business.

Is Mbrace affordable?

Mbrace, as compared to Invisalign, is less expensive. The normal cost of for a complete Mbrace treatment in Singapore ranges from $4,500 to $6,800.

Clinics may vary on prices, as some are able to offer dental packages while others provide customizable treatment plans.

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How come MBrace is less expensive than Invisalign?

Labour and laboratory costs are the defining factor as to why MBrace is less expensive than Invisalign.

MBrace’s resources are produced locally as this company is based in Singapore. There is no need to transport the production of your aligners overseas, and treatment plans are done here as well. This is a huge cut in expenses when it comes to labour and laboratory costs.

In contrast, Invisalign is outsourced. Treatment planning is drafted in Costa Rica and production of Invisalign’s aligners come as far as Mexico.

When it comes to being tested and proven in the market, MBrace’s record is inferior compared to Invisalign. MBrace has been in the dental industry in a relatively short period of time, whereas Invisalign’s establishment dates back to 1997.

Teeth with complex misalignment are best treated with Invisalign.

asian girl is holding MBrace aligners

What are the inclusions in Mbrace’s treatment plan?

Your journey with MBrace starts the moment you step into your dental practitioner’s clinic for an assessment. During this stage, your treatment plan is customized according to your pre-treatment record.

Your record will include clinical photographs, dental x-rays, casts of your teeth, and pre-treatment bite registration.

Those inclusions are normally charged to the initial quotation you get for your MBrace treatment plan. However, it is best to discuss this with your dentist. Some clinics may have a different practice when it comes to pricing.

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What do I expect once my MBrace treatment has commenced?

Once you have given your consent to your dentist’s proposed plan, your different sets of MBrace aligners will be manufactured. Each set of aligners is to be worn for a maximum of 2 weeks prior to replacement, and at least 20 to 22 hours each day.

Your dentist will give you a schedule on when you should return to the clinic for assessment of your teeth’s progress.

Once your treatment reaches completion, a pair of retainers will be given to ensure that your teeth will not regress back to their original misaligned positions.

How come the price range of MBrace treatment plans vary from one dentist to another?

MBrace’s cost, like Invisalign’s, are affected by a variety of factors:

  • Dental requirements. An interproximal reduction is vital in most of MBrace’s cases. This is done in order to make way for adjustments when it comes to correcting your bite, as well as to create enough space for your teeth to move as they align during the course of the treatment.
  • Laboratory costs. Although MBrace is based in Singapore, their laboratory charges are specific and decided upon by their company. Dentists do not have any choice but to comply with the rates they are given. When there is an increase in laboratory fees, expect this to be reflected on your dentist’s charges as well.
  • Treatment complexities. If the condition of your teeth is complex, this will affect costs basing on the duration of your treatment as well as the production of your aligners, since you will need more.
  • Treatment duration. Treatment plans may take a long time to finish. One can be done in 6 months, while others last up to 2 years and a half.

Which dental practitioner do I best turn to for treatments?

Either a dentist or orthodontist may perform MBrace treatments as long as they have taken training on its administration.

If you are not convinced with your doctor’s skillset, go on and request a portfolio of MBrace that they have performed on previous patients. Openly ask about any concerns you may have if that will give you more assurance in your doctor’s expertise.

Orthodontists’ fees are expectedly higher as they specialize in teeth movement. They have attended 3 more years to learn about this specialization. However, you may need to ask whether they do aligner treatment as some do not.

You would want to book a dentist that is credible and envisions only the best results for their patients. Your dentist should be honest and be able to offer you with different options, such as getting metal braces if your teeth condition is not apt for clear aligners. Likewise, he or she must be able to recommend you to an orthodontist as needed.

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What medical insurance covers MBrace treatment?

The disadvantage in getting MBrace is that Medisave does not cover it, as there is no surgery involved in the treatment. In the same manner, dental insurances generally do not cover cosmetic or orthodontic treatments.

If you wish to get a quotation for MBrace or Invisalign, do not hesitate to reach out to us!