Hair removal

Laser Hair Removal Isn’t 100% – Singapore Doctor Explains Why

Do you always feel sad because you can’t consistently wear your favourite skirts, sleeveless tops and dresses because of the unflattering excessive hairs all...


laser mole removal

Cost of Mole Removal in Singapore (by aesthetic doctor)

Recently, a couple of patients of mine were concerned about their moles and were thinking of having their moles removed. I told them that...
man with eczema

Local Aesthetic Doctor Answers Questions about Eczema

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, affects about 20% of Singaporeans. It is a condition that causes your skin to itch and redden. Because...


Loh Ling Ying

Loh Ling Ying Review of Veritas Clinic Skin Treatment

Being an actor/model, my job consists of having different types of makeup on my face often and also maintaining good skin is a given...
No filter needed after facial!

Best Facial Treatments – Reviews by Singapore Bloggers

The Best Facial Treatments in Singapore That Will Have You Glowing from Within! Even with proper skin care routine and healthy eating,  there are still...



laser cost Singapore

Singapore Doctor Shares Fractional CO2 Laser Prices

Oftentimes, our face is always the first thing other people notice about us. Unless you are very lucky, at some point in our lifetime,...