Complete Guide to LASIK Surgery in Singapore

Ever dreamt of not wearing glasses or cumbersome contacts and yet retaining perfect vision? Here is what you need to know about LASIK –...


Q-Switched Lasers pigmentation skin ageing woman

Can Q-Switched Laser Remove Any Type of Pigmentation?

Pigmentation issues, ranging from freckles to melasma, are by all accounts the most common skin problem faced by clinics like mine. They are common...
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Singapore Pricelist for Laser Treatment for Face

Treatments which give brighter, smoother skin are the most popular category of aesthetic procedures in Singapore today. As a doctor, I want to first...


This first laser facial aimed to improve Airin’s dull complexion

Singapore Blog Reviews on Facial Laser Treatment

Laser Facial Review by Airin Lee In this blog, beauty enthusiast Airin Lee shares about her facial laser experience with the use of a combination...
Xinyi’s tattoo significantly changed and turned lighter after her first session.

Your Cheat Sheet on Tattoo Removal in Singapore

Tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea. Although times today have been more accepting of this art expression, some people who have them wake...



Saggy skin asian woman ageing

Saggy skin is the most obvious sign of ageing

Pigmentation is seldom subtle: when you see a freckle or melasma, you see it in its entirety, stark and unchanging. This leads many people...