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Essential Things You Need to Know About Laser Facials

In recent times, a lot of aesthetic doctors have relied on lasers to help patients achieve the kind of flawless skin that they wish...


Melasma before-after

Your Guide to Melasma Treatment

One great indicator of having an undamaged skin is it's being smooth and blemish free. Yes, your face may not be plagued by dreadful...
Worry face

Rosacea: causes, symptoms, and treatments

Rosy cheeks or a natural blush can look aesthetically pleasing. When pimples, skin irritation, and spider veins accompany it then that is a whole...


Loh Ling Ying

Loh Ling Ying Review of Veritas Clinic Skin Treatment

Being an actor/model, my job consists of having different types of makeup on my face often and also maintaining good skin is a given...
No filter needed after facial!

Best Facial Treatments – Reviews by Singapore Bloggers

The Best Facial Treatments in Singapore That Will Have You Glowing from Within! Even with proper skin care routine and healthy eating,  there are still...



Double Eyelid Surgery

All You Need to Know about Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Singapore is double eyelid surgery. It is no secret that anatomically, a lot of Singaporeans...